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  1. Well HoN is balanced around FoC and the tier list there would be different. Even though a lot of us only play mw it is not the main mode.
  2. So in conclusion how well a hero performs depends on player skill level and how well the other team counters the hero? (Mmr) I feel like this is the reason this discussion could go on forever
  3. Only midwars stream with games from 1500-1900 mmr, soloQ to 5Q, fun-games to tryhard. Me and chat analyse, test, win, lose, have fun and have pain-games. I'm live 2-4 times/week and all vods are saved on twitch after. Come hang out and chat, join the group and play, ask questions, just lurk or check out vods whenever you feel like. I try to spread good feelings and I never flame even though chat sometimes feels i should (but i report), let's make hon a fun and nice place for everyone! Doesn't matter if you are 1k or 2k mmr, we are all here to enjoy ourselves and have a good time. www twitch tv/gorillastarktv (add the dots before and after twitch) Have a great day everyone!
  4. As you probably know from all the posts a lot of people only play midwars. But "player profile" (view stats) only shows FoC statistics. Except if you hover mouse over total games played, then you can see number of mw games played too. Please give us a mw stats page too, for example the ability to change like we do in previous games list. Probably not a priority but it would improve QoL for a large portion of players. Have a nice day
  5. honestly not flaming or arguing wins games. The mute button and /add ignore does wonders too
  6. if you want to make changes with your money go to the donations and donate to a specific goal. buying goldcoins is a choice, buy cosmetics and make the game more enjoyable if you like that stuff.
  7. well that's lame. some heros dont even have MW guides
  8. you aim E with mouse now, its not hero direction
  9. 5-10 min q is the norm for me, it depends on your mmr and group size. You don't have to stop after you've made 4 friends. You can also just add nice people you find in game, that's how I did it.
  10. q time is already long enough and honestly 20 bans is more than enough. My suggestion is try to find some people to play with, maybe through the official HoN discord, and coordinate your bans better so you won't have to play against the heros you hate so much.
  11. How can I find a hero guide in game that's not in the top 20 or whatever it is? Sry I'm noob
  12. After a quick glance Artesia is great and should be moved up at least 2 tiers, her healing capabilities are 2 guud. Pred and martyr can be moved down 2 or more tiers, they are too easily countered with items. Armadon probably 1 or more tiers, get a nullfire vs him and just target him last. Burn his mana, cleanse his passive buff or dispel spine charges dmg from your team. Flint and artillery are good but since the main problem is "they can just stay back and deal dmg" someone on your team can get a pk and disable them since they are already isolated from their team. So move them down. Nymph, rhap and emp should move up one or more tiers too, they are great.
  13. I made a list but couldn't figure out how to post the picture. Help?
  14. I only play midwars but if you are up for it add me in game. I play on EU but use is playable.
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