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  1. Nerfing barbed for midwars is sortoff like telling people "this item is too good so you should def buy it". Judging by my experience barbed is not very good at all. It is usually bought too early on str heroes, it gives a little bit of str and some damage and compared to the cost there are many better items a str hero should buy early (headdresses, sols...). It's activated effect can be useful but it usually depends on the hero you are trying to reflect dmg back to. Only legionnaire, Kane and cthuluphant (?) can force heroes to target them but that requires positioning and usual
  2. There's an option in the symbol section of the store where you switch between pictures and flags. I think it's somewhere top right but not sure
  3. Or buy Geos to dispel bola. Why is barbed considered op in midwars? It is not that hard to dispel it or just not attack the hero for a few seconds.
  4. Well GMs already have to go through too many nonsense reports from players who don't know what's reportable. So promoting more reports prob isn't what they want. Giving players a choice to punish someone by lowering their karma score (?) instead of submitting a report could give a small feeling of justice while easing GMs workload at the same time. Let's say everyone starts with 100 points and the closer you get to 0 the harsher the punishment you get. Could be a small punishment at 75 medium at 50 and a big one at 25. Same scale but a reward ofc for going above 100. As punish
  5. How about you can't upvote people, this will prevent friends from "boosting" each other. After the game players can downvote 1 player/game 3 times/day. This way people can't just spam it and have to think about who they spend their downvotes on. Then if you haven't been downvoted in maybe 5 games you get +1 point. Should also prevent people from downvoting the MVP since that player could be a target if someone thinks they got it unfairly. This would at the same time make MVP more valuable.
  6. I am not a big fan of unit reactions but they add a little flavor and fun to the game. I am definitely not a fan of OTHER players unit reactions, some special skins have reactions played for the team that I can't mute or lower the volume. Sure let whoever wants to hear it hear it but please don't force me if I want to hear my own as seldom as possible. Same thing with announcers, I can mute all announcers but I don't want to do that. I want to hear my announcer the loudest so please add an option to lower the volume of other players announcers but I want to mute the thai announcer (h
  7. You probably know but Polly and bramble ultis can have the same problem.
  8. people are smurfing because there are no high level games basically. Soo git guder and contribute to the high level or wait for changes that make high level players leave the game completely
  9. Could give him a fun staff effect. Maybe something like engineers very old ability tinker (I think) which would make Skrap buff Vorax but Skrap is disarmed while doing it. Or make Skrap invis while using his heal close to Vorax. I agree I don't really care about Skrap either but he's still a hero in the game
  10. From my experience there is a high chance mm will screw you if you solo q on a 1900+ acc. Mm will put you with 4 1600 vs 5 1800 and think it's balanced (simplified). The high MMR groups might q together because they are friends or people are just tired of playing unbalanced games and would rather take their chances of finding a good game with people they like.
  11. I think everyone has experienced games where someone leaves during pick or very early and the game is then remade. The leaver then doesn't get punished with higher leave % even if the player has completely disconnected (joined a new game or took more than 5 minutes). I suggest that players leave % should increase immediately when they have left a game completely (joined new or 5 mins). This way the other players can remake and don't have to finish just to make sure the game stats are recorded and the leaver gets their punishment. If this is implemented it would be nice if players co
  12. I don't mean keep all the good things from the current staff effect like increased range and shorter cd. What I'm suggesting is more of a rework of the staff effect.
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