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  1. could make a combination with astrolabe or nomes/headdress/barrier to make pk more viable for healers
  2. When autocast is active make him cast frenzy on himself and heros who don't have the buff.
  3. I agree. Then Merrick says "it's your lucky day" and I want to punch him.
  4. I would play midwars, shorter games so you can try more heros and you won't have to deal with 70 min games. You could also join or create a public game, normal game or have fun in dev-wars, you will probably have to wait longer but it's more relaxed. You could add EU servers too, if your ping allows it ofc. Have you downloaded the upgraded 64bit client?
  5. but that coupon only works for like 7 days or something? I never know when I level up a hero or what rewards I got for doing it
  6. I agree with OP, the camp now is basically only for draconis early farm and Legion side has an unfair advantage in defending it with the uphill cliff beside the river. It is safe for draconis to farm it from hellbourne side if he can maintain ward control but legion can make him b and take the camp if they so choose. If its possible could it start like a small camp, after 5 minutes it becomes a medium and after 10 it becomes what it is now?
  7. its pretty nice to put it on auto vs tb ult and long snipes like pharaoh and aluna
  8. +10 int is more useful than +10 agi usually but agi is bought before int automatically in the shop if you don't have enough gold. I suggest switching agi and int auto buy order. Not a huge change, just a small qol increase
  9. Is there a difference between the foc and mw matchmaking systems? Is how the mm works explained somewhere?
  10. The pictures are from midwars games. I don't think mm just puts every mmr together and then "hits autobalance" in midwars. From my experience there's usually no problem if you solo q on a 1500-1850 account, it's above 1850 it starts getting weird.
  11. Well mw is a more straight forward mode, there are less strategy options, but that doesn't mean decision making and skill doesn't matter. If anything this makes the mmr difference more relevant because people "playing wrong" will have a larger impact on the entire team and game. IF mw mm allows a larger mmr difference it's only causing frustrating games and making people create another smurf account. There is no reason to grind up to a high mmr just to have mm "even the odds" by having you play with someone 700 mmr below you. So you either group up, which is frustrating for the other tea
  12. I'm mostly concerned with mw but is there a difference between the mm in ranked mode and midwars? Here's one game I played today, 324 mmr difference: https://imgur.com/a/ygqOoM6 Here's another one, only 769 mmr difference: https://imgur.com/a/ovKXZBV (I should point out the people in the pictures are not in a group together) This takes a lot of fun out of the game and this is why people get to complain about high mmr 5 groups. PS can someone message me how to get pictures in posts, I can't get it to work
  13. I guess I have to contact mythbusters
  14. Seems like every game I play has at least 300 mmr difference between the highest and lowest player. I would much rather wait a little longer for a more even game than get a quick crap game thats over immedeately.
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