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  1. If I have harkons and runed will the splash damage be magic?
  2. I see your point But Please don't buff it, people buy it too often already
  3. Could make it an option in settings, like detailed ability tooltips. That way only people who are interested would select it.
  4. I definitely wouldn't mind spending a little more time in q for more even mm. What I find strange is sometimes there are 2 1900 on one team with 3 15-1600 and the other side is all 17-1800. Why doesn't mm split the 2 1900? And no I dont think any group is involved.
  5. People can't create new accounts on the website. It says password needs to be 6+ characters even though the entered password is
  6. EU, dont know which specific servers.
  7. It's a lot of fun seeing your hook and javelin accuracy. Could this also be shown for lets say Blacksmiths multicast and Tarots crits? Would be fun to know multicast % because usually when there is a bs people say "Im never that lucky" etc. There might be other heros with similar % abilities that could be added too. I just think it's a fun mechanic even though it doesn't really add anything to the game other than bragging rights and/or proof.
  8. Same here, usually takes a few tries.
  9. If a team has basically won a game but they decide to CC for fun or whatever reason. Could they be reported by the other team for intentionally trying to lose, griefing or maybe stat manipulation? Is such behaviour punishable even though both teams left the game happy, presumably.
  10. When cala ult duration runs out my hero wont move over where the wall was even though it's gone. This is only for a short time but it makes a big difference because it obv blocks me from where I want to get to as fast as possible.
  11. aha ty I have no active mods but I get the "you have mods alert". The only mod I've ever used was to show mw mmr in pick phase when it got hidden.
  12. How did the organizers know players weren't using mods and how was it dealt with is what I meant with enforced.
  13. Ok, limited resources and you have to prioritize. I hope, like everyone else, hon will have enough money, staff and volunteers to fix everything and keep the game awesome. I saw a recent tournament had a "no mods allowed" rule, could that be enforced somehow or did they just trust players?
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