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  1. I think you put a tree close to legion tower by the river. Thanks!
  2. Trying to compete with dota2 and LoL. Hon was big. Was. Now hon is fun. Hon has smackdown, fun announcers and unit reactions, midwars, good mini games like Devo wars and many other. Imo hon failed when it kept trying to compete with huge games instead of focusing on its niche. Having thousands of regular players after more than 10 years says something about a game especially in a genre like MOBA. Hon is as close to cult as you can get and letting it die is just sad. It will never become the biggest competitive MOBA game again but that shouldn't be the goal. The goal s
  3. 1% of players read the forum (at best) So this is like screaming into the void
  4. Will there be a gift we can claim this year? I think we got some santa/christmas skins last year for Midas or something
  5. When I soloQ br is more balanced than what people usually pick in sd, so I like it
  6. While you're at it can we have this too? Not trying to hijack the thread. Thanks
  7. Shouldn't be too hard but what do I know
  8. Alot of players who get called "russian" are not actually russian, every eastern european (and other) player is considered a "russian". Let them play wherever they want and stop saying russians are bad because they are not worse than the average player, it's just sad that this hate is still a thing.
  9. Buy team items like astro and barrier idol Pick a balanced team, 1 carry is usually enough Vision is important so buy wards and counterwards List could be alot longer
  10. Could the mic on a players portrait, that shows who's talking, fade away for a few seconds instead of disappearing immedeately? Sometimes its hard to know who was talking talking and this would make it a little easier.
  11. Nerfing barbed for midwars is sortoff like telling people "this item is too good so you should def buy it". Judging by my experience barbed is not very good at all. It is usually bought too early on str heroes, it gives a little bit of str and some damage and compared to the cost there are many better items a str hero should buy early (headdresses, sols...). It's activated effect can be useful but it usually depends on the hero you are trying to reflect dmg back to. Only legionnaire, Kane and cthuluphant (?) can force heroes to target them but that requires positioning and usual
  12. There's an option in the symbol section of the store where you switch between pictures and flags. I think it's somewhere top right but not sure
  13. Or buy Geos to dispel bola. Why is barbed considered op in midwars? It is not that hard to dispel it or just not attack the hero for a few seconds.
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