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  1. Sky

    In-game polls.

    I've always wondered why HoN Admin have never run or advertised forum polls in game. I think it would be an awesome, easy way to get the wider community involved in growing the game.
  2. Sky

    Super Taunt

    You can vote for it in the general forum section.
  3. Sky

    Silver x3

    I agree. I played 200+ games over the Honiversary period just to milk the coin multiplayer ? It's quite deflating earning 15 coins a game now >.<
  4. Super taunt in specials (also, bring back "smack-trick") ?
  5. Yeah, they're absolutely terrible. My hero ran back to base multiple times from mini disconnections in my last game.
  6. It is, but I think the general consensus would be the same. An in game poll would be awesome. Im not sure why they don't use them on significant changes.
  7. Hopefully @ElementUser takes note.
  8. @doctornikYou're a silver player, so i'm not sure why YOU think other people have a lack of understanding of the game simply because they don't agree with you. Also you don't get "stats" earlier, you get nothing but mana regen, for 13** gold, rather than, attack speed, damage, mana regen and intelligence gain for 1575. Did spell shards need a nerf, sure, but making a lesser item for 1500 more gold is a bit ridiculous. The old spell shards was kept relatively the same for a loooooooooong time with not a single in game complaint. Im no fortune teller, but I imagine intelligence hero picks wi
  9. You're talking as if the old spell shards used to make shamans useless? first of all, shamans was only 2k which made spell shards useless (not the other way around imo. Also, the old spell shards took away 60% not 65. The item is actually worse than it was at 2.5k) I'm not saying it didn't need a nurf, but making a 2.5 k item now worth 4k??? that's a tad ridiculous. That said, I do like the idea of -3.5 -4.5 -5.5.
  10. Maybe make the recipe cost something more reasonable? maybe 500 instead of 825? 1500 increase for a lesser item is a massssssive nerf to spell shards.
  11. I've been playing since 2010, it's hard to believe i'm still here 2 kids later lmao. I've tried other similar games but the HoN gods keep bringing me back ? Nothing like a good hon sesh with the boys on your hangover Sundays ?
  12. Q - Watch Your Step! W - Back The F** UP! E - Catch Me If You Can! R - 5 Seconds Of Hell!
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