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  1. Details about your suspension are at rap.heroesofnewerth.com Discussing bans on forums is not allowed so this thread will likely be locked.
  2. Lore page seems to be down atm. Link via wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20200929135748/http://lore.heroesofnewerth.com/?page_id=367 You might want to start with savage entries.
  3. Hon must be closed when you try to apply mods.
  4. Engine triggers most of them. You can also manually trigger from console. If the trigger has watches in lua the function argumets are often named helpfully otherwise you need to figure it from the usage or testing by manually triggering it.
  5. Extract the ui folder inside resources0.s2z. Then use your favorite method to find the trigger name in multiple files.
  6. Try this one. https://ape3000.com/~anakonda/honmods/HoN_ModMan.zip
  7. Go to change icon. Select browse. Find your hon installation and select hon_x64.exe. The icon should now appear.
  8. You can add the icon inside hon_x64.exe as the icon for your shortcut to the updater
  9. use ctrl+f8 to open and close games console setsave vid_resolution 2560,1440 then restart game When fullscreen unsupported values may have odd/unwanted results. Extremely usefull if you have it windowed and want uncommon window size.
  10. In <hero> you set model to some .mdf file. mdf file is xml. Server choses what animation should play based on name. Because it is much more efficient to send number than text it then sends something like "play 3rd animation in that file" because your modded file does not match it plays wrong animation. You need to have animations in the same order as in the original. This works in practice because you are the server so your files always match.
  11. Then add your files as loose files directly to the games folder, do not add them to s2z. When you are ready to publish then add them to s2z.
  12. https://ape3000.com/~anakonda/honmods/honalts.zip You need to set your hon path in the settings.py file in bin folder. If you get permission denied you need to run it as admin. It changes model, sounds, attack projectile and depending on hero some effects. This is more like good starting point than completed mod. source is here if you are interested https://github.com/Anakonda/hon-alts
  13. By a request fixed old shop to have enogh slots to fit arcane bomb Download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/6v2ee8iw4rw5f2t/resourcesoldshop.s2z?dl=0 To install place in the game folder inside your heroes of newerth installation.
  14. Where the account creation date is visible? I think mine is 2009 07/27/2009
  15. Your .honmod seems to be rar instead of zip. Also as Engineer said mod.xml and icon.png needs to be in the root.
  16. All ranged attacks from downhill to uphill have 25% miss chance. I dont know about true strike.
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