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  1. Excellent idea, I will update main post. EDIT: Done
  2. Heroes of Newerth (64-Bit) Known Issues Q) I get some missing .DLL Error when starting HoN A) Install VC++ Redis 2019, Download HERE: https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe This should (most likely) solve your issue, *but* a good thing to note is this is automatically installed when you install HoN (64-Bit) unless you copied the folder to a new PC manually, unticked VC Runtimes during installer, or it simply failed in the background for some unknown reason. Q) My water looks purple occasionally A) Try disabling reflections in the graphic opt
  3. Heroes of Newerth (64-Bit) Support If you have any issues, bug reports, issues installing or general questions, visit the 64 bit support form located below https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/57-hon-64-bit-x64-client-bugs/ We also have a Discord server for Tech Support specifically for the 64-Bit Client that can be found here: https://discord.gg/rZEvSvsP Got a fast internet connection? Help seed the torrent download link!
  4. FAQ Q) What is HoN (64-Bit)? A) HoN (64-Bit) is built with technology 15 years senior to the current version of the game, as well as vastly upgrading multiple extension libraries with some up to a decade senior, the most notable change being compiled as 64-Bit opposed to 32-Bit. This results in a much more stable experience for those on the Latest Windows (10) most notably Faster FPS, and Reduced Loading Times. Q) Why is this a Separate Client instead of updating the current game? A) HoN has gone without major upgrades such as a new rendering engine, upgr
  5. Heroes of Newerth (64-Bit) Frostburn Studios is proud to release the HoN 64-Bit Client This is an alternative client for those seeking Greater Performance, stability and FPS Gains utilizing up-to-date technology. *Currently only available for the International NAEU Client. [Alternative Link 1] [Alternative Link 2] [TORRENT LINK] SHA256: 77B7AC69537DDBE4D1D900413123D5AD161495E9A24F4754034F3505C449C1B1 Having Issues? Join the HoN64 Bug Discord! https://discord.gg/w9eceExBwP Donations for Development We have
  6. The reason this is happening is a limitation on the amount of resolutions the client can store. (combos of refresh rate/resolution/aspect ratio etc) Setting the config manually is the best work around for now, however we're adding a fix next patch that increases this value, so you should always be able to select your resolution manually from now on once it lands, sorry about that!
  7. Honestly sounds like you did the appropriate steps to isolate it so far. How often does it happen ( percentage wise ) regardless of what point it kicks you out?
  8. @gt_entrery When you uninstall, go to the directory it installed and delete every single remaining file there, there may be some left overs such as mods or who knows what that are lingering causing issues, uninstalling doesn't purge that ( and for good reason, the files wouldn't have come with the game ) Ontop of this, go to My Documents/Heroes of Newerth and delete any contents in there, this is the configuration directory. (Note that if you do this, you are purging all of your settings, but this could be a good step to do anyway to fully isolate the problem) This
  9. We cannot give any promises on release dates for this, when it's ready its ready, but you have my word that it'll be in your hands soon enough. We need to get Windows x64 out the door first! Then comes mac. If not this year, it will be very very early next year that much I can asure you! EDIT:
  10. It's coming! We have a working version already inhouse, including on the latest beta of Big Sur. Although the amount of mac users will be incredibly small, we hope that even those who use windows will ( hopefully ) appreciate and admire the efforts to keep the game at modern standards!
  11. @Lifewaster Hey there. I understand where you're coming from, I'd like to clarify this so others can read it too on why we are moving towards 64-Bit and the benefits it can bring to the game. HoN is currently built on technology that is literally 15 years old ( Visual Studio 2005 ) and most of the libraries for the game are a decade old at this point, if you look at the post above, that guy can't even play the game because its SO OLD that apple has removed support for the ability to play on HoN's tech. Although maybe you get great performance I've heard nothing but the oppo
  12. G'day ! We are aware of the issues for MacOSX Catalina no longer supporting x86 and I wanted to share some information regarding this. For those who don't know, we are testing 64-bit versions of the HoN Client with a small group of testers for Windows, which have enormous performance boosts and various other upgrades, and much more compatible with the latest OS, this is currently invite only and has been going on for a while but - and I need to make this clear, I make no promises, but MAY be able to in the near future release this publicly as an alternative way to play the game!
  13. Especially if you're a windows 10 user, I would 100% use 3ds max 2013. A Side note, the 2013 plugin also works on 3ds max 2014, so you could settle on that version too.
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