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  1. xo This will be fixed in updates by having signed binaries, this is already under way.
  2. Please read FAQ, this is most likely due to you running HoN on a laptop where integrated graphics card is set to default.
  3. If you check the bug FAQ and the posts above, the solution is simply to use exclusive mode, which is recommended for maximum performance anyways. The reason 32 bit even worked before is actually because, and I know how this sounds, because of a bug, and this bug was preventing other resolutions from appearing in the list such as 4k. You can also fix this by modifying DPI scaling settings per app by right clicking your hon shortcut and going to properties. Basically anyone who is scaling windows is gonna have issues, alot of older windows apps have issues. -- It's not b
  4. Updated Torrent Link, sorry guys! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qYqeGKjNItpoHvr5-2saJuOvIcFXlHwa/view?usp=sharing
  5. Do you mind joining the HoN 64 discord so I can assist you directly? I guarantee I can solve this issue for you. https://discord.gg/w9eceExBwP Ping me once you're there, cheers!
  6. Hey. Make sure hon is completely closed. Then go to your HoN 64 directory and look for a folder named "Update" and delete it. Note: do not confuse it with updater_resources this is something else. Then try again, if no success please join the HoN 64 discord and ill help you directly! https://discord.gg/w9eceExBwP
  7. GavlarN is correct, this should fix your issue.
  8. @omnikingzeno The issue has being FIXED in which has been released!
  9. "downloaded the game on a new monitor all well installed in the go asks for an update the game closes will climb out the window of the yes press and after that some setup goes but no updates and all then go into the game and again climb out need to update need to update" - Translation So it sounds like you have LOOPING Update. Contact me on Discord: HyperXewl#8809 I can assist you further over AnyDesk.
  10. That's very strange, I have no idea. Can you post some information such as what computer you have? It may be a settings issue ( including outside of the game )
  11. @gavlarN Please use the 64-Bit bug forum or join the 64-Bit bug discord ( link in OP ) --- To fix your issue, go to My Documents/Heroes of Newerth x64/game/startup.cfg and open this with notepad or any text editor. Find a cvar named d3d_exclusive and set it to true, this should hopefully fix your issue. This is most likely happening because the settings you copied over, you were using a lower than native res + borderless windowed. We applied a fix recently unlocking how many video modes can be detected and this is a side effect of it.
  12. If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please post your crash dump here, as well as any analytics about your PC.
  13. In the future yes, technically speaking, linux already has a 64-Bit client, but it is pretty outdated at this point and uses very old tech, it makes it a bit tricky to make a "super client" (??) when technically the architecture already exists, if we can find a way for it to make sense, we'll do it. Updating Linux to new standards is also very easy, which isn't hard to imagine
  14. We're investigating now, there are ALOT of reports of it. It's crashing on a reflections CVAR.
  15. Locking post because not a bug, again for those reading, this is *not* a bug, its perfectly normal behavior of embedded web browsers.
  16. Hello! If you'd like direct assistance, please join https://discord.gg/kRzkm7cNJq You can feel free to DM me from there, or message me in the discord chat, thanks!
  17. This is normal ! Do not be alarmed. HoN now uses Chromium as its embedded webbrowser, many other games and applications that have it also do the same thing.
  18. Due to the large amount of people having issues, I've opened a public discord so you can speak with me directly and get issues fixed on the spot. https://discord.gg/rZEvSvsP Join up! I'll be on for the next 2 hours.
  19. Greetings! To help assist with crashes related to the HoN (64-Bit) client, please upload your crash dumps! You can find these here: You should see about 3 files that have the same name that look like this, please ZIP these files and upload them to any post or topic you create. To give you an idea how useful a crash dump is, this lets us "Debug" right in the code where you crashed, right on the very line of code it happened, which is unbelievably useful to fixing the problem.
  20. We've recieved many reports of this, we're looking into it now, Do you mind uploading your crash dump? you can find this in My Documents/Heroes of Newerth x64/game/ The file usually looks like this: Make sure you're going to the "Heroes of Newerth x64" folder and not the regular Heroes of Newerth folder
  21. Can you guys upload your crash dump? You can find this in My Documents/Heroes of Newerth x64/game/ The file usually looks like this, if you do, I can debug exactly where you had the issue and look into it.
  22. if you like, I can get in touch with you and offer remote assistance, I am offering full tech support for a few days.
  23. Hi there, are you using resolution scaling? If so, try this for me. You can also try modifying startup.cfg in My Documents/Heroes of Newerth x64/game and swapping d3d_exclusive to false or true, depending on what it is.
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