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  1. Hi, are you running the game in exclusive mode? This is most likely not a x64 related issue but a combo of settings, I have this issue alot unless I run exclusive mode in games i play
  2. If it's the same issue, then it's not a x64 related issue so wrong subform However, join the https://discord.gg/KECEbMSX anyway and I can directly assist you if need be, thanks
  3. Hey there, mind joining the x64 debug discord so i can help you further? https://discord.gg/KECEbMSX
  4. Get in touch with me if you can! Or join the x64 Debug help discord located at https://discord.gg/KECEbMSX
  5. This is because the patch was a hot fix version, this is normal behavior but its quintessential this is resolved before next proper patch. I can check the crash dumps, thanks, if you get in touch with me on discord I can assist you further as well as find more info too. HyperXewl#8809
  6. Thanks for the update, looking into it in whatever way we can, might have more questions
  7. This guy is right. HoN (32-Bit) uses Awesomium, which is a very very outdated an insecure ingame browser solution, to add this to it would be dangerous, especially since all it takes is hijacking your hosts file to redirect you to a virus or even worse things, these are real threats. We upgraded this to Chromium (CEF) Which is up to date, much faster and much more secure ( and allows alot more potential such as twitch and hell, you can even stream Unreal 4 engine inside of the browser in the game, lol ) Doing this was no easy feat and took over a month and a complete rewrite of
  8. Most likely is, I've issued a restart on the server, however I did test a game on EU105 ( which is the server you were on according to the replay ) and myself and other staff could hear eachother on mics.. might have just being a one time thing, but maybe not! either way please let me know if this ever happens again and post a replay.
  9. Hey there, can I grab the match ID for that match where voice didn't work? I'll look into it asap.
  10. There is no way that the 64-Bit Client SPECIFICALLY has anything to do with lag, I guarantee it with every fibre in my body and every dollar in my bank account. (Network lag that is) That simply wouldn't make sense, now I'm not saying the lag is on your end or the servers end, I am just eliminating the actual 64 bit ( vs 32 ) as a posibility.
  11. Doesn't sound like a 64-Bit specific issue or at least I doubt it, but we'll keep this in mind, thanks for sending in crash report I'll take a look.
  12. Hey, did you try restarting the game after disabling reflections? We've heard reports this fixed it for most people.
  13. Yes, even Windows Vista will run it (boy oh boy, was it tough to get the compat that low.)
  14. Are you running on a laptop? It may have defaulted to Integrated Graphics.
  15. Either way, the reason this happened is we updated the sound library, this was to increase the sound quality ( not decrease, personally my audio sounds better not worse ) and fix a bug when switching devices that crashes the game, but it looks like this has too many issues, we're gonna roll it back.
  16. Hey, regarding your audio quality can you get in touch with me on discord? HyperXewl#8809 In HoN there's a setting called Sound Quality, is that set to Normal for you and it still sounds mono? Also as for the microphone thing, I'll look into it, interesting
  17. We're releasing a Hotfix (Patch For HoN (64-Bit) This should deploy in the next 24 Hours. Fixes some circumstances where players would crash randomly when logging in or around that time. Fixes crash when switching audio driver mid game ( this also vastly upgraded the sound library ) Fixes "Bad packet from server" crash by bypassing and discarding the packet instead of completely removing the player NOTE: This will come to HoN (32-Bit) as well for the winter patch. EDIT: Hotfix released!
  18. Hey there. We have developed a system that now discards Bad Packets instead of crashing the game , this might result in some very rare oddities so we want players to keep this in mind, but we feel like for the most part, players would rather this than to be fully kicked out. This issue is incredibly hard to debug, sometimes next to impossible, so we feel like this is the best way to go. This will be coming early to HoN (64-Bit) as a Hotfix in the next 24 Hours for version, as we have full control over the patching pipelines for this version, you can find a downloa
  19. hon_update_x64.exe is not an updater, it is a middleware program after an update is complete that relaunches hon. It's job is to copy files such as DLL's that require HoN to be closed. If you want to do this, make a shortcut to hon_x64.exe and add the flag -update
  20. Important Update We have got a-lot of reports of issues with 64-Bit regarding crashes, please be patient while we iron these out! If you crash, although the default incentive is to not upload the crash dump when the dialog box appears, I cannot stress enough, we *DO* check these, alot, all the time, please press yes on the crash dump upload! as this helps us greatly to fix these issues. We have fixed several crashes already, some in the current hot fix, others coming next, and we apologize for the issues players are having, keep in mind this is a first release and it's go
  21. We have released a Hotfix for those who crashed going to settings ( Patch ) and we are also working on a patch for those who crash after changing audio device in game ( this is a bug that also effects 32 bit ) we will deploy this once its ready.
  22. Please do xD The primary download link is fast and on a CDN, but to help distribute load, the torrent really helps out, especially if we get lots of seeders then it becomes the best alternative. Sure, can you get in touch with me on discord? I can remotely administrate you. Join: https://discord.gg/JEEHNyPz Or add me at HyperXewl#8809
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