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  1. FYI this is not a x64 related issue, please us the correct form next time, either way I'd love to help.
  2. That's a very strange issue, I'd like to offer to directly assist you with this, get in touch with me on discord. https://discord.gg/y4VVA9TC Join this and send me a PM
  3. Hey guys, can you check if this happens in the 32 bit client? Some leads would be nice~
  4. I'm able to look into it soon! Nailzy and I are setting up a platform to be able to debug this finally, hopefully have a resolution soon.
  5. Playing the BETA can really mess up your startup.cfg, I would take caution.
  6. Yup. We've got an up to date linux build already compiled with the latest tech, however we don't feel like its satisfactory enough for a release, we want to address some of the issues in OpenGL API and other things before we push for a release.
  7. I'm interested in hearing more opinions about this, will be following this topic.
  8. Next time tho, please post in the correct forum, you'll actually get a staff response much faster there than here as I don't check general that much, alas I've reached out lets get those issues fixed!
  9. Hey there, can you get in touch with me? We'll see what's going on Sent you a PM.
  10. HyperXewl

    NSIS Error

    Either the download corrupted, or Avast/an anti virus is corrupting your install, join the x64 discord at https://discord.gg/w9eceExBwP and we'll get this fixed up for you guaranteed! (Send me a PM once you're there if you like)
  11. Is your PC date correctly set? If its not synced, you're going to have issues guaranteed, have a look for me. If not, please join the x64 discord and send me a PM and I'll guarantee it'll be working by the time we're done talking. https://discord.gg/w9eceExBwP
  12. Hi, we were able to identify the issue and its not patched! you shouldn't see this again
  13. Please don't spread misinformation, using ACD breaks the TOS and will result in a permanent ban if a player is proven to use it.
  14. a hon_x64.exe process may have got stuck. Check for any in here and close them, then try the update again, if it still does it, try this: and add this line This will force hon to bypass opening the game and go straight to update, if this STILL happens, restart your pc and try this -update trick
  15. That's very strange, do you only have this issue with the 64-Bit client?
  16. Then PM me these "examples" if you don't want to share them here You have to understand how you're coming across, you're making accusations without giving any examples, so people are telling you how it is man.
  17. That seems to be the 32-Bit client mate, 64-Bit does not have a version. It does seem to be an issue with your internet, feel free to get in touch with me on discord by joining https://discord.gg/w9eceExBwP and sending me a PM.
  18. : ( This is a really tough bug to fix because staff can't recreate it, we don't have the bug and its virtually impossible to fix something we can't see, fear not tho as we are working directly with people who have it in the coming weeks so we should have a resolution soon.
  19. FIX: Select something other than bot match on Play Now and try again. Whatever Play Now setting you have selected is saved to cache, and on 32, you didn't have that selected, we actually copy settings from 32 to 64 but either you cleared it or opted out of copying it, who knows ! Either way that's the fix!
  20. Our team will take a look at the issue sometime this month! This isn't a x64 exclusive issue tho, so fix will be applied to all clients if found.
  21. Are you running on mac or linux? if so this is a known issue and a hot fix has already being made. It will be deployed ASAP.
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