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  1. You have to understand that other games with small regions have this issue too, as you can probably see, I play overwatch ( check my profile pic ) and when I que on AU servers at a measly 2900 rating, I basically cannot get a game anymore, so I'm resorted to playing smurf accounts, or play on other regions.


    And yeah, I'll be honest, it upsets me, I complain about it alot, and infact I was discussing this with my friend yesterday because I feel like I'm being held back, but at the end of the day I know that this is just the way it is, and not much can be done about it.

    In overwatch, If you sit in a que that is absolutely crazy like 25 min, sometimes it puts you on a US or SA server, but often this is out of the blue and your own team and you are caught off guard and I wish I could turn that off, this is how blizzard has addressed it and I don't like it.


    And that is a much bigger game too, but the thing is even if all regions where boosted, say HoN got 5x more popular, you would still have the same issue anyway and be capped at a certain point, while the other regions would be inflated, like, it is what it is.


    This is just the way it is man, its like this in EVERY GAME EVER, your only hope is yes, to play on other regions once you reach that rank, we're open to suggestions but you haven't given us any in this post.


    My best suggestion is that you just make a new account, not a sub - this is what I do in other games.

  2. We have something in the works, however keep in mind that most people are now running HoN at over 200 fps at this point so it's not extremely high priority.

    Infact, we have something mostly complete on SBT, which is exactly that, multi threaded performance for key functions, however due to the nature of it there are kinks to work out (eg, crashes every half a dozen games randomly)

  3. macOS 64-Bit Universal [CLOSED BETA]


    How To Join:

    if you'd like to participate in the closed beta, feel free to join the HoN64 Discord here https://discord.gg/w9eceExBwP and send me (HyperXewl) a DM!

    Alternatively, send me a PM on the forums here after you have joined with your discord user name.

    I'll grant you test role access so you can download the client and try it out

    This is especially useful if you run Catalina or above, as Apple has deprecated 32-Bit Applications.


    Update: We've managed to port HoN to native apple silicon m1 ! If you're a mac user, come try it out!


    If you'd like to help speed up development, we ask that if you can spare some coins, head to the donations page here: Donations - HoN Forums (heroesofnewerth.com)


    Every single cent goes straight back into the game, we DO NOT keep any money for ourselves, money donated to the macOS client is used to outsource development labor.

    Keep in mind that, most of the work that went into this was months of my own personal time that I cannot get back, and I am doing this for what I understand to be a very small dedicated playerbase, so we need all the help we can get as this is pretty much being developed at a complete loss.

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  4. 15 hours ago, doks_killers said:

    Olá, estou tentando entrar no Hon, mas diz que a entrada falhou, não consigo conectar no game, baixei a versão 64x e continua a mesma coisa, tentei entrar com uma outra conta e também dá a mesma informação, alguém me ajude, oque eu devo fazer?

    Your country of origin might be prohibited, try using a VPN.


    Seu país de origem pode ser proibido, tente usar uma VPN.

  5. 20 hours ago, AgentZer0 said:

    Anyone got somewhat of an FPS drop after the latest patch? 

    Averaged around 30-40 fps in old HoN before moving to HoN x64 and was enjoying an insane 50-70 fps over the Xmas event, but after the most recent patch following Xmas fps went down to about 40-50 and even lower during teamfights. Still better than old HoN but wondering if this has been the case for other people.

    Uninstalled and reinstalled HoN x64 twice, optimized battery for performance, maximized performance on my Nvidia graphics card and have been playing on lowest graphic settings on HoN but doesn't seem to fix the problem. 

    Try this, install HoN x64 base version into a **SEPARATE** folder and don't update, instead go straight to practice mode and look at mid lane directly with nothing happening ( empty practice game, NO bots. )

    Then do same on main installer, this way u can identify if the patch REALLY caused it.

  6. Quote

    Ha, the direct result of donations are not the server improvements, but Brasil Region New Servers

    Wrong 🙂 they where donated for free by someone very nice.

    If you're getting higher ping, then I can sit down and help you diagnose your issues, send me a PM and we can figure out if its you or the server

  7. I mean, you've provided no examples.

    Sure, we never claimed to have completely solved all lag issues for good, but the fact of the matter is we've moved many servers to new providers that have far more powerful dedicated CPU's and run on improved 64-Bit architecture, so in no way is this a downgrade.

    Lag could mean anything, it could be your FPS lag, it could be your internet, it could be the servers internet, but it doesn't just randomly get worse.

    If you believe a server is lagging, report the server to the bugs forum section and we can take a look, we can analyze it to find out if it was " just you " or if the server really was lagging, make sure to post the replay ID.

  8. 2 hours ago, hegelsohn said:


    besides it's not allowed to discuss suspensions here, nor is it the correct section, I'll leave you a few comments here:

    - your appeal was not even handled yet, so I dunno how you want to show the "stupidity" of HoN support

    - you started insulting teammates 6minutes into the game. In your appeal you claimed that you did that cause "they tried to make you lose". 6 minutes into the game. The game lasted more than 70 minutes. Do you see the problem?

    - 100% of your judged reports were deemed innocent. Means every time a GM spent time on one of your reports, it was a time waste. You are a good example of why the system works as you report people for the wrong reasons. You report people out of rage - the same rage which lead to you insulting people/wishing people death.


    It's always easy to blame the others. But it's your fault and only yours. Your behavior lead to your ban. Your decision not to take the time to read through the rules lead to your solo reports now being ignored/low priority. Your inability to admit your mistake or take responsibility for your actions lead to your appeal being denied without any leniency shown.

    You can claim that's unfair but it really isn't. The earlier you realize that and the earlier you change things, the better everything will work out for you.


    There are ALOT of players who contact me on discord with a ban plea ( and you shouldn't because I am not a GM ) with the most " swear on living zeus " claims have almost always ended up to be complete lies, one of them recently came to me very polite and respectful at first, but once i politely explained that their ban was valid, they called me names, as hegelsohn said, maybe the problem is you 🙂

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  9. We're actually working very hard on the servers as of late and it's being our top priority, the thing is we've had to focus on anti-ddosing cat and mouse games so we've been moving providers and developing protections which directly cause complications, but the silver lining is that things are getting better, tho it may not seem like it expect to see far better performance, lag, and stability in the coming months.

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    TLDR: Closed Beta for HoN 64-Bit on MacOSX this January 20th, send me a PM if you'd like to participate!


    Hey there!

    Just a quick update, first of all I wanted to thank all those who have donated so far for this, you would be quite surprised how much this really helps out!!

    We're outsourcing professional help to get this to you guys, so any support you can give helps alot, if you'd like to help accelerate the release, please consider throwin a couple dollars on the pile here, thanks!

    Donations - HoN Forums (heroesofnewerth.com)

    Thank You. ❤️


    The current progress is well, it works! Playable on the Latest Big Sur, handles like a dream.

    Right now the objective is getting it production ready, installer/updates/build scripts and some various polish that's missing, there will be a few absent things at first, the following things will be missing from the initial release and will be added a month or two down the line:

    • No Login Animation (FFMPEG)
    • No MOTD/Ladder (Chromium/Awesomium)

    The future plans would be to add these, and patch all the OpenGL issues such as broken shaders ( the random white textures you see ) so the game looks closer to the DX9 Client, these would be quick fixes as we're also working on a full OpenGL API rewrite.


    The issue we face is well, we have no testers! I've only tried this on Catalina and Big Sur and this is on bare metal emulation (GPU Accelerated) and not real mac hardware as I do not own one.

    I am looking for testers of all ranges, High Sierra, Mac Pros, Macbook Airs, and especially, especially M1 Macbooks who can test the x64 emulation, good lord, get in my test group you handsome gentlemen if you have M1.

    So I'll be releasing a CLOSED beta on January 20th, those who participate will have direct line of communication with me and full time technical support.

    If you'd like to participate, send me a PM and I'll send you a copy and a private discord group link to chat with me so you guys can give feedback, I'm especially looking for testers with unique situations/hardware, or even hackintosh users.


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  11. 13 hours ago, stewtard said:

    just donated to the Mac Client, and plan on doing that monthly. Let me know if I can help in any other way. I'm a senior software dev who has been playing for several years and is fully vested in the Mac ecosystem. Do you expect more issues since the M1 announcement? You guys certainly don't compile for ARM do you?

    Heya! Really appreciate that, thanks so much man.

    To answer some of your questions:

    ARM64 blocker starts right at the libraries.

    FMOD (the audio library) only supports ARM64 for Mac and Android according to the website, neither of which are worth porting HoN, this isn't the only issue but we're blocked right away with this alone.

    I'm kind of shocked they didn't at least make a Windows ARM64 version, as soon as they do I will give at least windows a shot.

    M1? Virtually impossible at this point.

    Obviously one way or another HoN on any platform is possible, but its a tremendous amount of time for arguably a single digit player base for those architectures, tho I may be wrong about this.


    Getting this to work on Catalina was quite a challenge, but making it work on Big Sur was another, alot of OpenGL API functions are getting deprecated in Big Sur so we had to update the API quite a bit ( we've completed this ) otherwise the game just crashed, and FMOD needed to be fixed as Big Sur changed the way Audio Management was done.

    All of this is complete and the game is currently running just fine, the next steps are preparing it into a releasable form, which takes longer than it sounds - eg putting it into our build pipeline, preparing app package, installer, and fixing various bugs here and there.

    Ideally, I want to make a closed beta during Jan ( so next month ) as long as people understand the way it will be distributed will not be in some convenient user friendly form!

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  12. Watched some guys LAN all the custom game modes for boxing day for a few hours, and it was great fun to watch!

    I have no authority nor influence over the decision of this BUT, you've got my vote!

    My first priority for 2021 is to tackle TMM smurfing and exploiting issues first, once we get those out of the way I see no reason not to see if I could push getting a custom game back into the rotation 🙂 ( again, this isn't my decision to make! )

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  13. 8 hours ago, JcrewJaruto said:

    Hey HyoerXewl,

    Yes I downloaded that mac version yesterday (twice), and it still didn't work.

    • I got an error message after trying to launch the app (installation was successful). Error message: "Heroes of Newerth" Is damaged and can't be opened
    • I then tried deleting and reinstalling the app several times (from both .dmg file i downloaded) and it still didn't work.

    Not sure what else I could do.

    • I tried checking if there was any app data i could delete in ~/Library/Application Support/  but I wasn't able to find any folder that was Heroes of Newerth related.

    (Macbook is a 64 bit, macOS Majave)

    I've had this issue before, I circumvented it with a bash cmd.

    Try this in Terminal:

    cd "/Applications/Heroes of Newerth"


    This might do it for you, unsure if mac hon folder is called exactly that, you can check by just going "cd /Applications" and typing "ls" can't remember what retail mac folder is called.

    If you still can't get it to work, I'd love to assist directly, get on touch with me on discord and I'll have it fixed guaranteed.


    Join this and send me a PM

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  14. 8 hours ago, JcrewJaruto said:


    I downloaded the HonClient.sh. it was about 5gb.

    After running it, nothing happened - it opened terminal and immediately closed. Is this expected behaviour?

    - I am using Macbook Pro. 64 bits

    Hi, if you're running Catalina/Big sur you'll be unable to play HoN at this stage unless you download an application called Parralell desktops, and emulate windows 10.

    This is because those OS dropped 32 Bit applications, however additionally on that note in January I'll be releasing a closed beta of a working 64 Bit mac client to those who opt in.

  15. Yes, two ways


    1: Download the Linux Client here: http://dl.heroesofnewerth.com/installers/linux/HoNClient.sh

    PLEASE NOTE: We no longer officially support mac or linux 32-bit client, please see this thread for more information: Mac & Linux Clients - Unofficial Downloads - Community Tech Support - HoN Forums (heroesofnewerth.com)

    2: Download the 64-Bit Windows Client, you'll see a pin above in this forum with a download link and run it using WINE.


    There will also be a refresher linux client sometime down the road built with up to date tech, tho this in 70% of cases won't result in better FPS but just better compatibility, load times and stability. (that, and new opengl api)

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