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  1. There's a closed beta out already, join the 64 discord and send me a dm!
  2. @realstriker Did you download from this thread? HoN (64-Bit) Client Download [OFFICIAL RELEASE] - Page 10 - General Discussion - HoN Forums (heroesofnewerth.com) Try this, and disable anti virus when installing/updating etc and let me know how that goes
  3. HyperXewl


    This is a result of the download on the front page being very out of date and doing an abnormally large patch that isn't needed. We're working on updating the front page installers so downloading it will get you straight into the game after its done, and potentially finally putting x64 on there sometime in the coming month (maybe) @datfizh is right however, just go to And you can play right away after installing.
  4. Updated x64 client download link with latest version
  5. Do you mean internet download manager? So this link isn't working for you? : http://heroesofnewerth.com/x64.php If so, try this one instead, its also the latest version which will save you updating: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tjsh4s5p-lXi6l6jo4x0_0KpJeOiiKcX/view?usp=sharing
  6. I'd be interested in at least making a fun 10vs10 midwars as a one time event ( or maybe even more than 10vs10 ) sometime this year with the public, maybe as a twitch stream event with the honcast team.
  7. Hi, I've got a fix for you that will allow you to watch those replays, but you'll need to replace your current hon binaries. Replace the files in the hon directory with these and it'll work ! Download Here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17EKap9mWteSqaM8Nl3a0hnXad7gfZ1Ws/view?usp=sharing ---- In detail, the reason this happened is because HoN x64 never had a patch, and compatize skips hotfix versions which in our opinion is not a great strategy since often hero entity changes are done in hot fixes as well. I've fixed this for the next patch so this is not the
  8. @Necroix @Chosmin Here's an up to date latest installer for those having any issues! Uninstall your current hon install ( and delete Heroes of Newerth x64 in program files to be super safe, tho not required ) and use this https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tjsh4s5p-lXi6l6jo4x0_0KpJeOiiKcX/view?usp=sharing Let me know if you have any issues using this, and we're working on solving the CDN Issue.
  9. I am *not* here to egg on the idea of doing this but I'll throw this out there, the engine is very capable of 10vs10 atm with some backend changes, but from a gameplay perspective, its more like a funny side game. If I have spare time, I might sneak in this functionality one day for a laugh so people can try it in public games, and I MEAN MAYBE! Also, please don't spam tag staff.
  10. Delete the folder called Update in HoN x64 install directory and try again, our CDN provider is being stupid today, I assisted someone who had that exact same file corrupted and by the time I helped it was working. It should be fine now, if not please message me on the HoN64 discord! https://discord.gg/w9eceExBwP
  11. @hansieil you're not crazy, this actually may be due to our security, I can confirm this if you can get on touch with me on discord. Sent you my info
  12. Keep in mind I don't speak from any bias of privilage queing, I live in australia where I've basically played with 250ms+ my entire life in all games because I'm used to my region being small too.
  13. You have to understand that other games with small regions have this issue too, as you can probably see, I play overwatch ( check my profile pic ) and when I que on AU servers at a measly 2900 rating, I basically cannot get a game anymore, so I'm resorted to playing smurf accounts, or play on other regions. And yeah, I'll be honest, it upsets me, I complain about it alot, and infact I was discussing this with my friend yesterday because I feel like I'm being held back, but at the end of the day I know that this is just the way it is, and not much can be done about it. In ov
  14. We have something in the works, however keep in mind that most people are now running HoN at over 200 fps at this point so it's not extremely high priority. Infact, we have something mostly complete on SBT, which is exactly that, multi threaded performance for key functions, however due to the nature of it there are kinks to work out (eg, crashes every half a dozen games randomly)
  15. We now have a macOS 64-Bit and native Apple Silicon (m1) port in closed beta! See thread for details: macOS 64-Bit Universal [CLOSED BETA] Update: Apple Silicon (m1) Native port - General Discussion - HoN Forums (heroesofnewerth.com)
  16. macOS 64-Bit Universal [CLOSED BETA] How To Join: if you'd like to participate in the closed beta, feel free to join the HoN64 Discord here https://discord.gg/w9eceExBwP and send me (HyperXewl) a DM! Alternatively, send me a PM on the forums here after you have joined with your discord user name. I'll grant you test role access so you can download the client and try it out This is especially useful if you run Catalina or above, as Apple has deprecated 32-Bit Applications. Update: We've managed to port HoN to native apple silicon m1 ! If you're a mac
  17. We took prophets off as a hostable map as it no longer works, I may spend some time to resurrect it when I'm not too busy
  18. Your country of origin might be prohibited, try using a VPN. Translated: Seu país de origem pode ser proibido, tente usar uma VPN.
  19. Try this, install HoN x64 base version into a **SEPARATE** folder and don't update, instead go straight to practice mode and look at mid lane directly with nothing happening ( empty practice game, NO bots. ) Then do same on main installer, this way u can identify if the patch REALLY caused it.
  20. Wrong they where donated for free by someone very nice. If you're getting higher ping, then I can sit down and help you diagnose your issues, send me a PM and we can figure out if its you or the server
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