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  1. @Lifewaster Hey there. I understand where you're coming from, I'd like to clarify this so others can read it too on why we are moving towards 64-Bit and the benefits it can bring to the game. HoN is currently built on technology that is literally 15 years old ( Visual Studio 2005 ) and most of the libraries for the game are a decade old at this point, if you look at the post above, that guy can't even play the game because its SO OLD that apple has removed support for the ability to play on HoN's tech. Although maybe you get great performance I've heard nothing but the oppo
  2. G'day ! We are aware of the issues for MacOSX Catalina no longer supporting x86 and I wanted to share some information regarding this. For those who don't know, we are testing 64-bit versions of the HoN Client with a small group of testers for Windows, which have enormous performance boosts and various other upgrades, and much more compatible with the latest OS, this is currently invite only and has been going on for a while but - and I need to make this clear, I make no promises, but MAY be able to in the near future release this publicly as an alternative way to play the game!
  3. Especially if you're a windows 10 user, I would 100% use 3ds max 2013. A Side note, the 2013 plugin also works on 3ds max 2014, so you could settle on that version too.
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