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  1. We took prophets off as a hostable map as it no longer works, I may spend some time to resurrect it when I'm not too busy
  2. Your country of origin might be prohibited, try using a VPN. Translated: Seu país de origem pode ser proibido, tente usar uma VPN.
  3. Try this, install HoN x64 base version into a **SEPARATE** folder and don't update, instead go straight to practice mode and look at mid lane directly with nothing happening ( empty practice game, NO bots. ) Then do same on main installer, this way u can identify if the patch REALLY caused it.
  4. Wrong they where donated for free by someone very nice. If you're getting higher ping, then I can sit down and help you diagnose your issues, send me a PM and we can figure out if its you or the server
  5. I mean, you've provided no examples. Sure, we never claimed to have completely solved all lag issues for good, but the fact of the matter is we've moved many servers to new providers that have far more powerful dedicated CPU's and run on improved 64-Bit architecture, so in no way is this a downgrade. Lag could mean anything, it could be your FPS lag, it could be your internet, it could be the servers internet, but it doesn't just randomly get worse. If you believe a server is lagging, report the server to the bugs forum section and we can take a look, we can analyze it to find o
  6. There are ALOT of players who contact me on discord with a ban plea ( and you shouldn't because I am not a GM ) with the most " swear on living zeus " claims have almost always ended up to be complete lies, one of them recently came to me very polite and respectful at first, but once i politely explained that their ban was valid, they called me names, as hegelsohn said, maybe the problem is you
  7. Soporte de contacto HoN Support (heroesofnewerth.com)
  8. Not going to happen You're permanently banned from using our services and I suggest you take that passion else where.
  9. @Imakuni Yes, I instructed him to use a VPN as it was some sort of issue with his route ( not something we can resolve at all, its not our fault ) and this resolved it permanently. I recommend trying this too, using a VPN closest to the servers you play on, OR a location close to where you already live ( see what gets you better ping )
  10. I'm pleased to announce that we indeed do have plans for this very very soon, infact its in the works this week. Hope this lifts your spirits, however, please stay on topic.
  11. We're actually working very hard on the servers as of late and it's being our top priority, the thing is we've had to focus on anti-ddosing cat and mouse games so we've been moving providers and developing protections which directly cause complications, but the silver lining is that things are getting better, tho it may not seem like it expect to see far better performance, lag, and stability in the coming months.
  12. TLDR: Closed Beta for HoN 64-Bit on MacOSX this January 20th, send me a PM if you'd like to participate! Hey there! Just a quick update, first of all I wanted to thank all those who have donated so far for this, you would be quite surprised how much this really helps out!! We're outsourcing professional help to get this to you guys, so any support you can give helps alot, if you'd like to help accelerate the release, please consider throwin a couple dollars on the pile here, thanks! Donations - HoN Forums (heroesofnewerth.com) Thank You. ------ The c
  13. Heya! Really appreciate that, thanks so much man. To answer some of your questions: ARM64 blocker starts right at the libraries. FMOD (the audio library) only supports ARM64 for Mac and Android according to the website, neither of which are worth porting HoN, this isn't the only issue but we're blocked right away with this alone. I'm kind of shocked they didn't at least make a Windows ARM64 version, as soon as they do I will give at least windows a shot. M1? Virtually impossible at this point. Obviously one way or another HoN on any platform is possible, but its a
  14. Watched some guys LAN all the custom game modes for boxing day for a few hours, and it was great fun to watch! I have no authority nor influence over the decision of this BUT, you've got my vote! My first priority for 2021 is to tackle TMM smurfing and exploiting issues first, once we get those out of the way I see no reason not to see if I could push getting a custom game back into the rotation ( again, this isn't my decision to make! )
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