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  1. gg no re I'll miss you guys!
  2. Correct ^-- That, or right click the HoN shortcut and it should have an option to select what graphics processor to use, its probably using your internal one which has an issue with DirectX and makes everything black. You can blanket fix this by using OpenGL instead in options, but then you're not using your good graphics card so
  3. Here's some old stuff I made many many years ago ( some of it awesome, some of it cringe ) if anyone's interested, just gonna dump it here, a few of these are on youtube but not all of it. It's a mixed bag, some are personal projects I made for fun and practice, some where tech demo's or examples to show the higher ups to officially put into the game. [Stupid Video] Me pitching a "new revolutionary" balance change change to Tempest, very balance, very yes, contains alot of aussie, sorry not sorry https://xewl.cloud/files/videos/LOLDONTSHOWTHIS.mkv [CUSTOM MAP]
  4. We have a test build that needs to be packaged up but it works! If you're interested, please join the HoN64 discord here and post a message in the linux-arm64 section with what kind of device ( .. or emulator? QEMU etc ) you have and we'll drop a download link in there soon. Thanks!
  5. No you cannot post them here, and these discussions are forbidden on this forum, sorry.
  6. Hey there! This post is more directed at computer nerds who like to tinker, so this may be alien language to most players. With HoN coming to an end, I'd like to do some fun things for the community that I've always wanted to do, things like adding the ability to do 10 VS 10 and other wacky things like ports to strange systems. There are some linux devices out there that are not x86_64 such as: raspberry pi nintendo switch (L4T Ubuntu) macbook m1 with arm64 ubuntu linux because you have way too much free time chromebooks I think it would be fun to see
  7. No. This has been answered many many times.
  8. I wasn't aware of HoN's assets used in arena of valor, I'll need to check into that!
  9. You need to replace the one that's in applications, you probably extracted it to downloads and tried to run it right away
  10. Try using this in the meantime, it's the latest version as a ZIP instead. *SNIP* I'll be removing this link in 5 days
  11. Try deleting startup.cfg from Documents/Heroes of Newerth x64/game/startup.cfg ( warning: this will clear all your settings ) If still nothing, this could be a video driver issue, graphics acceleration issue, or a strange resolution/monitor setup.
  12. You can contact me on discord by joining the HoN64 Discord and I can help you directly. https://discord.gg/5ZNhJvtm
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