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  1. @Smirn92 Switch your Video Mode to OpenGL if its DirectX, or, DirectX if its OpenGL, this will resolve your issue.
  2. Politics has very little to do with trash talking in games, this kind of behavior stems all the way back to xbox live on halo and it has never changed, being woke and freedom of speech have nothing to do with this, period. Not always - but a moderate amount of the time the people who are reporting actually aren't hurt and are generally seeing trash talk as an opportunity to get revenge and aren't phased in the least, some of the time it's actually very hurtful or horribly racist comments, and yes, sometimes, but not always, someone is being a little sensitive, sure, i can get behind that
  3. I've put a thousand warnings to read below because despite saying read below in like 10 different ways I still get so many DM's when the answer is right in the post, cmon fellas.
  4. Last time I tried to convince someone to try it when they had issues, they where incredibly resistant not believing it would work or VPN's being too complicated, later admitting he felt silly for not just trying it out right. Give it a go! They're cheap, and by now just about everyone i know has a VPN for literally situations just like this, I can't connect to Call of Duty Warzone without a vpn and I've never being able to figure out why since it works with a VPN, its honestly so weird, so give it a go.
  5. @`GwApO I suggest trying a VPN as well, this is what they're great for, sometimes your route or internet is just not playing well and using a VPN can help diagnose these things since it's almost like having someone elses internet connection. It's incredibly complicated on what or who to blame when you can't connect to a server when everything else seems to work for you, so I highly suggest that. Express VPN, Nord VPN etc, I literally guarantee you with every fiber in my being that if you try a VPN you will connect and be on your way to playing, connect to your own country obviously.
  6. When it comes to performance, HoN is honestly in a good state especially when average hardware goes well and above past 60 fps ( for example, I get 200+ ) The reason to go DirectX11 would not be for performance, but the feature set from it!
  7. Please post feedback here! Good and bad! I want to thank all the people who helped test and fix issues on the HoN64 discord, you're legit legends all of you, this is why we *can* have nice things I'd also like to thank all those who donated and helped reach the goal, these funds helped us get Mac developer certs, hardware, etc required to make this port. --- This port took an absolute mountain of time to make, but I did not make it all on my own and I want to thank all those involved. Except the people who have macOS and forced me to deal with this stupid cancer ecos
  8. Heroes of Newerth (macOS) This is a Universal Client [ x86_64 / arm64 ] and runs natively on both Intel and m1 machines. THIS IS A PUBLIC BETA, IT HAS BUGS, A-LOT OF BUGS, PLEASE Do not download this If you are looking for a premium experience, because you won't find it here. DOWNLOAD (read below FIRST.) *READ BELOW BEFORE DOWNLOADING edit: No seriously, read below, the amount of times I've been contacted despite all the notices is astounding. ------------------------------ IMPORTANT NOTICE This application is code signed, but it is *NOT* notar
  9. I've seen some of the deleted posts here, and I can understand how angry this has made people regarding hyper-v detection, I know how this looks and we're very sorry, please understand that this was only ever intended to block cheaters, we weren't trying to make your life hell. I absolutely agree, terrible decision, not only did we not realize how many developers play hon, but also how many other settings whether it be bios or otherwise is flagged by this. This won't happen again and this will be removed next patch, we've heard you loud and clear.
  10. Are you using HoN64 or the regular hon client? this fix is only for hon64. if you're not, I recommend you migrate to the superior client!
  11. I understand how this looks from the outside, but this is completely out of our control, posting exe hotfixes is the last thing we ever wanted to do. Not only do you underestimate how small our team really is, but how little control we have despite that, we're only the NAEU team, we don't have all the fancy buttons that are able to send patches out, hence the hot fix downloadable. Comments like this are as understandable as they are taxing on us
  12. macOS deprecated 32-Bit entirely from its operationg system years ago, and ARM chips are completely obliterating it from its architecture *ENTIRELY* in a year, it's time to move up to the good stuff boys, if you're still running 32 bit hon I highly suggest you take this opportunity to upgrade.
  13. @DrusDeus Very sorry about this, but may I ask why you're not using HoN64? Tho it's not official, we do plan to deprecate HoN "x32" ( 32-Bit / x86 is correct name ) eventually anyway, its becoming overshadowed by HoN64 in terms of even stability at this point, the one thing it had over it originally, now's the time to move man. @ucute_bro I have reached out to you in DM's recommending mac64 beta mac 32-bit is no longer supported and we no longer have time to fix bugs on it, we're probably finally pulling life support on it now in favor of mac64!
  14. I can see this is greatly upsetting alot of people, this is not an official statement, but I'll look into getting this reversed. Apon reflecting, this may not have been the greatest move, please understand that our objective was only to deter cheaters, but I can clearly see this wasn't the way to go about it, and I don't want people quitting over it. I'm honestly very sorry, please understand I come from the perspective of a programmer too, so I *really* do understand However, I have DM'ed you all in regards to this with a solution that you'll like, so please check (
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