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  1. macOS deprecated 32-Bit entirely from its operationg system years ago, and ARM chips are completely obliterating it from its architecture *ENTIRELY* in a year, it's time to move up to the good stuff boys, if you're still running 32 bit hon I highly suggest you take this opportunity to upgrade.
  2. @DrusDeus Very sorry about this, but may I ask why you're not using HoN64? Tho it's not official, we do plan to deprecate HoN "x32" ( 32-Bit / x86 is correct name ) eventually anyway, its becoming overshadowed by HoN64 in terms of even stability at this point, the one thing it had over it originally, now's the time to move man. @ucute_bro I have reached out to you in DM's recommending mac64 beta mac 32-bit is no longer supported and we no longer have time to fix bugs on it, we're probably finally pulling life support on it now in favor of mac64!
  3. I can see this is greatly upsetting alot of people, this is not an official statement, but I'll look into getting this reversed. Apon reflecting, this may not have been the greatest move, please understand that our objective was only to deter cheaters, but I can clearly see this wasn't the way to go about it, and I don't want people quitting over it. I'm honestly very sorry, please understand I come from the perspective of a programmer too, so I *really* do understand However, I have DM'ed you all in regards to this with a solution that you'll like, so please check (
  4. Do you have any mods? Are you running on patch HoN32 or HoN64? Are you *sure* you don't have any mods?
  5. To be absolutely clear, if you have either: Virtualization Platform WSL2 / Windows Sub System for Linux Hyper-V Your system is a virtual machine, you can disable these in windows features, and then reenable them after you've done playing. We know this is a little inconvenient, but it isn't prohibiting you from playing entirely, disabling them and a quick restart later and you're playing, and you can reenable these features for development/work when you're done.
  6. Check Task Manager, if this says you're using a virtual machine, you're under one. This can be either because you're running a KVM, You have Hyper-V enabled, or some sort of virtulization is in place. If this says False or this string isn't here and you cannot login, please let us know. You can temp remove all virtualization in Windows Features, if you are a developer you can reenable them after you're done playing, this is what I do in other competitive games that flag VM's.
  7. Here is the deprecated full installer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tjsh4s5p-lXi6l6jo4x0_0KpJeOiiKcX/view?usp=sharing if you want a backup alternative. We're looking into this issue and should have a fix later on
  8. This guy might be right ^ Ask if anyone else in the game is lagging, if they're not then try a VPN I had someone argue with me for an hour that it had nothing to do with routing, until i finally convinced him to try one and it was perfect, he was quite shocked Give it a go!
  9. 1: (RECOMMENDED) Using the Linux HoN Client (Primary way) tho it's more optimized if not requiring you to be running ubuntu unless I remember incorrectly, and has issues with latest LTS that can be manually fixed ( freetype lib conflict with ubuntu 19 and above I believe ) http://dl.heroesofnewerth.com/installers/linux/HoNClient.sh Please keep in mind we have DEPRECATED this version of HoN and no longer support it in any way, but it does update and users are free to download and play it. 2: (SECONDARY RECOMMENDATION) Crossovers (WINE), and use the windows x64 client, this
  10. Updated post with a new digitally signed installer ( no more browser warnings ) Also, it's now a web installer rather than a single 6gb download, which should resolve some issues people have had in the past. Additionally, the front page of heroesofnewerth.com has had its 32 bit installer updated to the latest version, with 64 bit soon to join it
  11. Helped and resolved in DM's
  12. I have 180, a friend of mine has 230, very believable (although maybe he rounded it off at 170+) And you want the highest possible FPS regardless of the monitor because it reduces input lag, the more fps, the faster the main frame loop runs, although kinda useless for the moba gerne
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