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  1. ClanMain

    Buy game

    Please PM me. I will buy the game. Cash in hand.
  2. Implement an option for further camera distance. Give Rampage Staff that give him charge immunity Change Valk to int based hero Have items be able to combine. For example you could buy recipe to combine mock with heart. Add item ban to midwars. Allow engi to stack all of his mines. Bring back some sort of reward system again. Like how the mastery system was for a little while.
  3. Sorry bothering you again. But my last post was rejected. I did a test again and have video capture to show of the spells not applying the grimoire dot. Arty LRM with grimoire https://streamable.com/qh7te2 Sand desert's curse with grimoire https://streamable.com/lzbny7 The abilities are not applying the grimoire DOT.
  4. Grimoire is not applying to Sand Wraiths Desert Curse ability. It also doesn't apply from Artillery's LRM.
  5. How are we supposed to know when there is a problem and when its resolved? Nothing in game tells us that information Thanks Watchwalker I will shoot them a message. Appreciate it.
  6. Yeah people getting locked from matchmaking now due to leaving too many games in X amount of time..
  7. Hello, The servers keep crashing or you don't join a game due to server errors. I have multiple games where all 10 players DC;d, nobody could get back in but somehow we all get LEAVER % for this? Please remove all leaves from players the past few days due to server quality. Thanks
  8. Non midwars specific.....How come the Taunt tooltip is still wrong 11 years later? "you will be revealed to your targets team" If definitely doesn't reveal you
  9. I would like ping/region lock, more bans per player, have moa do reduced damage to buildings, have 4v5's auto remake or have someone brought in from the que to fill the player who left. The 4 player team has such a big advantage its unreal. Remove Sheep and Shrunken. Have dr repulsor's ult CD based on distance traveled. Remove all healing abilities and turn them into damage abilities. Have parallax's passive capped way lower in midwars.
  10. The hag staff nerf was needed. The balph buff will be fun. The MW mmr removal is sad :( Can't wait to troll with the kane staff.
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