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  1. Is it normal? I cannot create a new thread or create a new account
  2. I thought these rumors were more common. Apparently, HoN is to be available on Garen, that it will not disappear at all, but will enter a platform similar to EpicGames or Steam, which is Garena
  3. What about rumors that HoN is going to continue to act on Garen? What will happen to the forum?
  4. I have nothing gold, I spent everything on Plinko at a time when gold was still available. However, I have a question, how would you like to get gold? I have not heard that it is possible to trade in HoN
  5. I would like to believe it - let the free gold for playing Plinko also come back
  6. Even the quality looks like an antediluvian ^^
  7. I've been playing HON for a few years now, but I still don't know what smackdown is. I have never had an MVP like this, nor even earned a badge. What is this? Bonus question, do denied creeps count towards the top creep score? EVE online game is great, I play EVE being a happy hermit. Alliances, corporations, conspiracies and goals - there is so much of everything in EVE Online. Currencies, Transactions, ISK and EVE Online - Buying ISK is a quiet matter. So I sold what I had and what I need, buddy buy isk - some letters buy isk
  8. I left HoN on overnight. I tried to play and got "no reposnse form the server" answer. I restarted HoN and updated to version 9.2 It asked me again about another update to version 9.3 - of course I agreed. The update does not take place, the launcher gets an error at the calculating update stage. Is there anything I can do? Owww, now it's roll up to lets see ....aaaand no repsonse form the server
  9. Of course ... How long does it usually take? I need to know whether to wait a moment or download Path of Exile. I love playing HoN, but I appreciate that I can do it anytime. Every time there is an update, it costs me a lot of nerves. I got up in the morning, I'm running out of my stuff and wanted to play more. I usually play when I wake up and when I go to sleep. I would like updates to last shorter or to be more clearly announced. I am usually surprised If u try to play Path fo Exile, this is a great game, you better buy a poe currency first. The most important is exalted orb
  10. I downloaded and reinstall the client. I'll be done in a few minutes, but probably nothing will change. Sometimes there is an announcement that there will be server maintenance, but sometimes they make some improvements and they don't tell anyone (I mean the players) - so sometimes when I was planning to play, I waited for the servers to restart. I could even buy and pay if it really does improve the quality. If buying gold from HoN had an impact on quality, I would do it more often. So far I collect silver as my main currency ... I love to play Path of Exile also, it's also game when you
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