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  1. Devoted player base and managing servers for over 10 years does not look like a fail to me.
  2. @HenryCase actually nevermind, @Anakonda managed to update the last known version to work with lua. You can download it from the Mod Manager thread, it already has updated link. HoN Mod Manager - Download - Modifications - HoN Forums (heroesofnewerth.com)
  3. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the original Mod Manager. It cannot <editfile> .lua files properly, you have to copy them and then <copyfile> the changed version back into the game. Which is dangerous, because the script file can change from patch to patch without actually touching functionality the mod changes. Be wary.
  4. I don't have any problems with it.
  5. Delete resources999.s2z archive and try again.
  6. 3) Run HoN_ModMan.exe as administrator. ?
  7. Game settings are located in your Documents.
  8. Just unpack core_ru.resources from resources0.s2z and rename it to core_en.resources.
  9. Follow the steps and select new HoN path (where your x64 installment is).
  10. If you can do manually what the mod does, then there is nothing wrong with it. So it would be legal, but only a dumbass would use it.
  11. How about some armor and shrunken? The only item 100% preferable to get is Barrier Idol. It gives regen, decreases the Spellsunder's debuff duration and reduces magic damage recieved. Slither can cripple your regen even without Spellsunder, so I wouldn't recommend buying anything else you mentioned at all against Slither.
  12. The problem will be addressed next patch. Wait for a hotfix.
  13. People don't understand that they lost not because they've said so, but because of their actions after.
  14. First of all that was not a critique. I'm not a specialist or designer and disagree with a lot of things done to the game. You asked what people think, I wrote something off my mind with the language I know, because SotM subject has been always interesting to me. And second - what is there to be upset about? That was not minus point to the suggestion, but to the question mentioned.
  15. mod.xml and icon.png files should always be in the root of an archive. Something is wrong with your archive as well. Try to copy any other working .honmod and put your files inside instead.
  16. First thing you should ask yourself proposing SotM upgrade - "will you be able to farm it yourself?". Second question is "will other players buff you for 2300 with possible better choices among team?". Third question, "is it worth 4200 gold?". Will you be able to farm it yourself? 1) Circe doesn't need items much. Plus point (but keep in mid that this is intentional design). 2) Circe is not a farmer hero, she's not supposed to spend time farming. Minus point. 3) Her farming speed is laughable. She does not have attack damage or abilities to kill creeps quickly. She is not able t
  17. It's not an accomplishment, therefore should not be rewarded.
  18. That wasn't my point. The game will not "get harder" whatever that means, it'll be more frustrating, because pushing will get harder, because defending team will have even more advantage, because warding does not cost you anything while dewarding does, because suddenly the risk became higher for the same reward, games became longer etc.
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