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  1. Delete resources999.s2z archive and try again.
  2. 3) Run HoN_ModMan.exe as administrator. ?
  3. Game settings are located in your Documents.
  4. Just unpack core_ru.resources from resources0.s2z and rename it to core_en.resources.
  5. Follow the steps and select new HoN path (where your x64 installment is).
  6. If you can do manually what the mod does, then there is nothing wrong with it. So it would be legal, but only a dumbass would use it.
  7. How about some armor and shrunken? The only item 100% preferable to get is Barrier Idol. It gives regen, decreases the Spellsunder's debuff duration and reduces magic damage recieved. Slither can cripple your regen even without Spellsunder, so I wouldn't recommend buying anything else you mentioned at all against Slither.
  8. The problem will be addressed next patch. Wait for a hotfix.
  9. People don't understand that they lost not because they've said so, but because of their actions after.
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