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  1. How about some armor and shrunken? The only item 100% preferable to get is Barrier Idol. It gives regen, decreases the Spellsunder's debuff duration and reduces magic damage recieved. Slither can cripple your regen even without Spellsunder, so I wouldn't recommend buying anything else you mentioned at all against Slither.
  2. The problem will be addressed next patch. Wait for a hotfix.
  3. Is the current one not working?
  4. People don't understand that they lost not because they've said so, but because of their actions after.
  5. First of all that was not a critique. I'm not a specialist or designer and disagree with a lot of things done to the game. You asked what people think, I wrote something off my mind with the language I know, because SotM subject has been always interesting to me. And second - what is there to be upset about? That was not minus point to the suggestion, but to the question mentioned.
  6. mod.xml and icon.png files should always be in the root of an archive. Something is wrong with your archive as well. Try to copy any other working .honmod and put your files inside instead.
  7. First thing you should ask yourself proposing SotM upgrade - "will you be able to farm it yourself?". Second question is "will other players buff you for 2300 with possible better choices among team?". Third question, "is it worth 4200 gold?". Will you be able to farm it yourself? 1) Circe doesn't need items much. Plus point (but keep in mid that this is intentional design). 2) Circe is not a farmer hero, she's not supposed to spend time farming. Minus point. 3) Her farming speed is laughable. She does not have attack damage or abilities to kill creeps quickly. She is not able to farm jungle stacks and not supposed to. Minus point. 4) Stealing kills with support for an upgrade, even a good one, is overall bad idea. With exception of going for concrete strategies, like rushing Myrmidon staff. Assists won't give you much gold, and orb's link takes a lot of time. Minus point. 5) Since this upgrade gives snowballing effect, the longer it takes to get it the less effective it becomes. The result is: you will not be able to farm it yourself in most scenarios; when you will manage to farm staff the game will have already ended or the staff will have become inefficient (meaning having other items for 4200g would have been better). Will other players buff you for 2300 with possible better choices among team? There's a lot of good SotM effects to go for, and I would rather buff someone else. Look at the frequently picked heroes, Devourer or Solstice for example, and think about their upgrades. Are they better? Most definitely. On the other hand, what does this upgrade add to the team? Additional damage? You have to earn it first. Aditional duration? It gives more to Circe herself, as well as the ability to cancel ultimate early. 2 seconds stun is good, but you need to channel it. I don't think that 2 seconds channelled stun worth spending 2300g. Is it worth 4200 gold? The effects of this upgrade are mediocre. There's no such thing as buffing the hell out of Circe and there should not be, she's not designed this way. Increasing bonuses is not guaranteed, and you will not be able to do it consistently, unless you are deliberately farming for it. Cancelling ultimate early, as far as I know, is technically impossible right now. Getting staff by yourself is tough and takes a lot of time. It is not worth 4200 gold. Verdict: you will be able to consistently get the upgrade and use it efficiently only when playing with a friend who can quickly afford SotM and boost you (with heroes like Dampeer or Wretched Hag), or when playing 45min+ games (but not always).
  8. It's not an accomplishment, therefore should not be rewarded.
  9. That wasn't my point. The game will not "get harder" whatever that means, it'll be more frustrating, because pushing will get harder, because defending team will have even more advantage, because warding does not cost you anything while dewarding does, because suddenly the risk became higher for the same reward, games became longer etc.
  10. To "add to the consistency" I would rather strip this ability from EW than add it to Engineer. Why would you do this if mines are chasing targets and exploding by themselves? That's right - you need to do this only to hit moving target by ignoring activation delay. Why stop there then? Why not "press D to throw a mine which explodes"?
  11. There should be a window popping up with reconnect button. If you've launched HoN with no reconnect window on the main screen after login - your game has most likely ended (or you've been kicked).
  12. I don't like the idea of an absolutely free benefit, that can be negated only with a cost of something. People usually don't buy wards because of other reasons (especially low mmr matches). Support is the only role that doesn't worry about this. Gold is not affecting the vision of the team, it's affecting the ability to afford benefits, including additional vision. Having no additional vision is just lack of advantage, it's disadvantageous only when enemies have it. Now you create advantage by placing wards, but then you will create DISadvantage by NOT placing them. Making wards free will make them an unnecessary commitment instead of advantage. You will have to have wards placed, because it'll be stupid not to. And that's what you are trying to say - "wards should be more accessable". Because it's stupid not to have them every game, right? But I strongly disagree. Wards should not be more accessable, but players should get better. One team can perform much better than another just because of warding strategy, which consists of things like splitting cost, timing cooldowns, cunning placement, dewarding etc. And I believe making wards free is dumbing down that strategy. It is dependent on the experience now as well. Though it became a lot harder to place a good ward with revelation through the fog. This will definitely lead to longer games. It's much harder to push against forever affordable inflated vision. Enemies cornered at base have smaller area to cover and can traverse through it much faster. Nightly split-push and backdoor strategies will be heavily nerfed, as well as pull-cut, distraction and switching lanes tactics. You will have to spend much more time dewarding everything before advancing, and it will actually cost you gold in most cases. I have a better question @ElementUser. Why the hell are the wards cost you 5 mana? Is this some kind of technical restriction I'm missing? Not many people even know about this.
  13. Regeneration with Parallax ultimate does not end, it works the same.
  14. You are mistaken because I have never been a HoN developer.
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