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  1. I created another ticket, could you please review, I saw that you are very impartial in the decisions with the players! Very good! Sorry for bringing things not allowed here, it won't happen again. In anger, we don't even think well! Thank you for now! Great weekend! Ps. I did not insert the ticket identification because I said above not to mention it.
  2. I am not satisfied with the GM service on my ticket: ............. (Chat ofence - Inquiry) I was reported for the same reason a while ago and was suspended, when I do the same I realize that there are always 2 pesos and 2 measures, where some guardians are protecting their friends! I was suspended for 3 days for using bad words, then when I make a report of a player using the GM also comes to say in the tough face that for him this is not a bad word, since when he decides what is a bad word and what is not? Since when to say "take it in the ass" is not a bad word? Since when "VSF", whic
  3. Unfortunately that is why the game is dying and all users are switching to other moba! For example, LoL already defines class before starting a group, in HON it becomes a fight and everyone wants to choose carry, sometimes we have matches with 5 carrys! And the reason is simple, everyone wants heroes who can kill more because of the reward for buying items. So in my view, this system used from the last hit is totally flawed, only causing fights in the team (see, one thing is that you play in a closed team and that's what you are exemplifying up there, another thing is that you play with all th
  4. Don't you think it is correct for the gold distribution to be based on the percentage of damage the hero did to aid in the enemy's death instead of the last hit?
  5. Please disregard errors as I used google translation! English: In my opinion, the distribution of gold for deaths used in all moba games only causes problems with the relationship between the team and the choice of heroes (carry, tank, support). Making most players focus on selecting repeated carrys on the team to get more kills. So getting rid of the other categories because of the reward for each death. For this reason, almost nobody wants to select a support hero or a tank hero. And it still has some of the worst things in the game, it is when the player is always behind, k
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