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  1. While i personally like playing with many heroes, I still have a favourite hero (that I played the most with). And i have friends that do like to be a "1-trick" player 🙂 Its kind of a personal preference I think that the 1-click statistic lookup can ruin.

  2. I have no problem with the banning itself. My problem is that the enemy team can search my profile with a single click, check my most played heroes, and ban them accordingly.

  3. I have been noticing ever since the banning phase came out, that people tend to look at the top 2-3 players and ban their most played heroes. And i think this is a completely malicious design, if I like a hero, why can i not play it? Why does the enemy get to see my top played heroes and ban them? This doesn't make sense to me...

  4. Jungler heroes on lane is becoming a new meta, and it actually works. Which just proves the fact that jungle heroes are imbalanced (lvl 8 jungler at 6 mins is completely normal nowdays). Keepers are now laning. tempests (!!!) are now laning, and i even see some draconis lanes.

    Are there any nerfes coming to jungle heroes?

  5. Me and my friend are currently experiencing the same issue. We cannot log into our accounts (and the sub accounts).
    When we try to log in on a different account, it works (mostly). We queue up, get a game. And the game is lagging really-really badly. Happened several times, restarted several times. Once I managed to fix the lagg, but I dont know how. We asked the other players if they are also having lagg issues, they said no.

    The shop is also lagging, sometimes doesnt load in the avatars.
    We are both using the old hon (x86), but when we downloaded the x64 version, same thing happened.

    First of all, has anyone else experienced the same issue?
    Any idea how to fix this?

  6. Ill be honest with you. I think this patch just killed dual lane as it is, considering it was balanaced before, now with the grave locket nerf and jungle buff, jungle heroes are lvl 11 at 9 mins, dominating the game.

    The reason why i came back to hon was because dual lane was possible again, now its garbage... again.

  7. 1 hour ago, hegelsohn said:

    Keep it as it is. Imho it's healthy for the game to have the medium camp contested by short and offlane. It doesn't ruin anything. If you remove the ability to pull camps you won't be able to obtain any lane control vs certain heroes (behe, pr) and you are screwed if anybody pulls the creeps even a little bit.

    I disagree. Behe cant really have good lanecontrol as a suicide, even with blocking the creeps (since he is not killing them)
    And PR is not one of those heroes that is so OP this would break the game.

  8. Pulling ruins the game. It allows the shortlane to f*ck up the lanecontrol, then just earn it back without any effort. Back in the day there was only one camp, a small camp, that could be blocked with a ward, which sometimes the support couldnt afford to counter. 

    Now things have changed. There are 2 pull camps, one of them is a medium, making it close to impossible to block both of them. This completely ruins any suicide lane, and even dual longlanes too.

    My suggestion is that lane creeps should not be aggressive towards neutral camps, bringing more focus to the lane rather than the neutral camps.
    I created a poll, to see if others agree or not.

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