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  1. I also experienced that the tapering slow is basicly nothing on the Q. Also it's quite confusing that some 30% tapering slows are different than others. Maybe all tapering slows should be linear (including prophet?)
  2. Hi! You have to play to get better. There are some guides for new players out there (like Zlapped's), but not as much.
  3. While i personally like playing with many heroes, I still have a favourite hero (that I played the most with). And i have friends that do like to be a "1-trick" player Its kind of a personal preference I think that the 1-click statistic lookup can ruin.
  4. My suggetion would be to remove the show stats button in the picking/banning phase. This would also solve some bad behaviours like "Oh no a 0.5 kd called mid" and such.
  5. I have no problem with the banning itself. My problem is that the enemy team can search my profile with a single click, check my most played heroes, and ban them accordingly.
  6. I have been noticing ever since the banning phase came out, that people tend to look at the top 2-3 players and ban their most played heroes. And i think this is a completely malicious design, if I like a hero, why can i not play it? Why does the enemy get to see my top played heroes and ban them? This doesn't make sense to me...
  7. Am I the only one who's getting this error message logging in? Im not even on virtual machine...
  8. An idea for example is when you open the "Rewards" after a match there is "Rank progression" and "Match rewards", maybe there could be "Mastery progression" tab as well?
  9. After finishing a match, hero mastery not visible using old UI, so its impossible to use xp boosts. Is there any chance that this will be changed/fixed?
  10. Is there any chance for more rewards for having more overall mastery? I think lvl 100 is way too easy, it would be niec to have higher level rewards too
  11. Just because you dont like FoC, doesn't mean FoC is bad. I personally dont like MW, yet i dont think its a bad concept.
  12. Jungler heroes on lane is becoming a new meta, and it actually works. Which just proves the fact that jungle heroes are imbalanced (lvl 8 jungler at 6 mins is completely normal nowdays). Keepers are now laning. tempests (!!!) are now laning, and i even see some draconis lanes. Are there any nerfes coming to jungle heroes?
  13. 60% of limited edition alt avatars are available at all times. Is there any chance for every limited edition alts to be available? There are quite a few id like to buy but can't
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