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  1. set effect for rift beasts is still not working, tried to get it fixd mutliple times wonder if it ever worked. can anyone else but element user look into it since he's too busy, and deletes 9/10 posts about anything
  2. finished off the Rift Beasts set unlocking the rift walker avatar but the trail of purple goop is not showing up played 4 of the hero avatars and nothing, i was told to report it here and for a fix in the next patch
  3. the rift walker unlocks selection cirlce, which yes u have to go ur vault after u unlock it to activate same with other stuff but the kill counter i think is in plinko. y dont u start a ticket and ask the hon gods, i had to get them to turn on ursa bonus everytime u unlocked the next bonus
  4. u have to WIN IT in PLINKO zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz spend like $500 all on plinko and u mite get 1 i got the mag 1.
  5. google hon alt avatar sets go in and go to paragon set cant b that hard, from a glance ur missing empath and rhapsody
  6. thought it weird u played blacksmith like 10 games straight recently, o well mite b good to learn a 4th or 5th hero u scrubcunt
  7. so i just played the master of arms avatar (mistress of arms) that u said was fixed but its not, still doesnt have pet, and if buying all the set avatars doesnt do more effects maybe the website with descriptions about avatars should be updated or fixed since it misleading Posted 10 hours ago (edited) Fixed internally, though including the exact alt avatar names would have made this a lot easier to diagnose Edited 10 hours ago by ElementUser
  8. i got all 13 ursa corps avatars no new effects are noticeable, they all have the pet which i got years ago from having kane and artillery except m.o.a who doesnt have pet wondering y not
  9. ?????????????????????????????????????
  10. i bought the set and the effects they're meant to gain are not working......Owning all Alt Avatars in the entire set grants special effects to all the Alt Avatars of the set ( Grace Nymphora gains adorable and protective stuffed animal friends, and Chuck Pebbles gains some of Grace's furry friends as well as enchanted pixie dust).
  11. i tried sg server and i had 300ping.... it was still playable sumhow but obvious lag
  12. games on aus servers have been lagging all day everyday for the last 2 weeks today its even worse
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