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  1. Now that I think about it one could increase the slow dramatically and make it like a -40% to make the player choose a different way of moving in the ult. Maybe not a pullback but a -1/-2 magic armor to give it a combo with the GK spells itself and the wretched zombies (if they get magic damage, too). So that would create like a labyrinth in which one would rather not step on the "toxic spots" if there is enough magic damage is around.
  2. True. In that case one could increase the slow to 30% over 3 secs and line it up with the 30md/s of the wretched zombies in that case. I think the idea is still capture. Especially if you implement the MD on the wretched ones. Even the slow can be fitting depending on what sort of zombie you look at. ^^ Refer to it as "zombie bite" and "zombie slow". Also I already stated at the very beginning, that I don't intend to create a staff that is a necessity on GK but rather a nice addition. Maybe someone already has a staff and it might come in handy. In that case it would only be 2300 addi
  3. I'm not sure if you understood my intention of the slow. The idea would not be that they get a one time slow of 25% over 2 secs but rather that the exploding unstable zombies create sort of a mine-field of slows. If you step on another area of an exploded zombie you get the slow reset to 25% over 2 secs (imagine like a very small vindi silence area just with slow). So if people stand in the middle they have to actually select another path to get out or take the 25% slow if dead zombies are in their way. I mean it is easy to play with the numbers if the slow is not enough and not worth it.
  4. Heyo! General I always felt that Grave was lacking some form of better lategame performance or utility since with time he gets quite restricted in gamestyle. I tried to figure out a boost which does not benefit him too much in a sense of making him overpowered but still add a new form of playstile for GK. So the SotM can be an option in certain situation or if you have a spare Legacy, but he doesn't have to be boosted necessarily. So my suggestion is to add a new way of using his ultimate in form a SotM-Ability in a more supportive way. How does this look? Curre
  5. moving it to C:\Program Files\ instead of fixed both problems
  6. I got a recommendation to restart the game. I did that and my settings got set back again. I'll try to figure out if it is a personal problem or something else.
  7. Custom Account Icons are not visible. They are either displayed as default or just black.
  8. So with my your last sentence you kinda prove my point. ^^ Another person to help you push the lane early is already enough with Deadlift. Just get one or two friends to play with you. Even if your team sucks you can still have fun together and kinda play your own game. Your stats will most likely increase and you'll find more people to play with you when you have some good games. There are always people who want to play premade queues. And if you really want to find some people on your skill level to play with just join the new HoN-Discord server and ask for queues ?
  9. I play most of my FoC games as solo queue and I can totally understand your frustration about the situation. The only thing that works against such a situation is finding friends to play with. It can make a huge difference if you queue as two people instead of solo. Work your way up and get more and more trustworthy friends who are reliable in the game.
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    Master Legacy

    Maybe you'll realize that your SotM purchase was the problem in the first place and you start playing with the team and boost your teammate since you want to support your team and just play for yourself. I mean it is depending on how well they are performing in the game. Yeah, sorry for my mistake. It gives +5 stats. Still that's nothing ?
  11. GucciKD

    Master Legacy

    I actually wanted to give you a detailed reply but I'll just keep it short. Legacy cost = 2300 means that it is again half of the StoM cost. Farming those 2300 gives yourself no benefit. You do it ONLY for your teammate. It costs time and gold and you get nothing from it (not even incresed stats nor does your friend) Legacy is not as op as you think it is.
  12. I would very much like to see the ancient camp. Currently it is easily possible to stack and farm the easy camp with draconis or legionnaire if the opposing team doesn't pay too much attention and you farm the camp at night. Especially I feel like there is currently an unbalance towards Hellbourne since you can pull the creeps your way and kill them in the open with vision around yourself. For the Legion side you would have to pull them uphill what makes it actually harded to get them there and control them. Maybe thats a problem with the map in general. But what would change the bal
  13. Thanks for the quick response ? I thought that you might be aware of it. Just wanted to point it out.
  14. I have been playing some midwars and especially in the last game some troubles with the rune balance occurred. The amount of runes one can get is simply too high for midwars. Especially with a bottle on the team the amount of available mana gets ridiculous. Reason: If one manages to get rune control (usually with spell-spamming/hooking heroes) one has a never ending manapool. You basically need one bottle to feed mana/hp to the whole team. So if one team actually gets a bottle you can fill it with regular runes and merricks rune. That makes up to 3 runes if you manage to pi
  15. Mine is more about a community than the actual game.
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    Before anything else I see this as a problem of the community/player and not the game. I mean if they are afk in the jungle they would probably afk farm their lane, too. And In addition probably let you die when you are in danger on the lane. And from the heroes you mentioned nonen of them is needed to farm for 20mins. They can easily gank before and help the team a lot. Personally I try to help people when I jungle and when someone else is in jungle I try to ask them for help if needed. If they refuse to do anything you can still report them for refusing to participate. (if the
  17. That's written on the facebook page. So I think there will be something special ?
  18. It really depends on the situation of the game. For example: If I have a farmed Legio with easy solo pick-offs I'll boost him over any other hero every day. I think you can find lots of different situations where different boosted heroes make more sense. But overall my personal list is (based on how necessary a SotM is): 1) Slith 2) Hag and Rally 3) MoA 4) Valk 5) Blacksmith 6) Moraxus The impact of a well timed slith ult can be so much bigger than rallys or hags (in my opinion).
  19. Well, I would like to have some people i can request for 5man queue since most of my friends aren't online anymore (even if a couple have come back). But I'll stay in the RCT Clan. ? I'll still drop a friendrequest to you. My favourite roles are long lane (dual and sui), support and jungle. Cheers
  20. As stated by many people many times before in the last couple of days (see a few posts below): Go to rap.heroesofnewerth.com and check it out yourself.
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    Login failed

    He already wrote me a personal message to ask for help. ^^
  22. GucciKD

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    Go to rap.heroesofnewerth.com Log in and you'll find the information about your suspension. If you have any question you can open a ticket there.
  23. Feel free to add me, too. I usually play midwars but I am also up for FoC if needed.
  24. As I remember there is not going to be a new season in the near future? (I might be wrong tho)
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