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  1. Sfgjsdd

    Buy game

    i hope ur a rich dude..please save this game if u can! dont let it die
  2. IS there a way to keep the game up? im willing to pay a montly subscribtion if negesarry...CMOON! dont let this game die.
  3. The way you guys handle the RAP are rlly bad and you guys ban ppl without actually "LOOKING" into the matter. Last night a russian started to trash talk and insult me and my team. calling us monkeys, feeders idiots, insulting like it was a walk in the park. i got angry and i start to answer back bcs he actually refused to participate in team fight...he just simply trolled the entire game and beeing toxic and insulted me and my team for actually trying to do something and win the game. we lost. at the end we reported me for beeing verbally abusive...i get banned. he walks away free... This
  4. WHy i cant report players? i dont have the function Report-a-Player...all i have is ignore and add to banlist...
  5. I saw on facebook last couple days activity from this game, and i decided to come back and see how things goes...loged in and i saw deeply in shock and awe that my acc its lvl 1...all items(alt avatars,heroes,taunt,sounds,announcer,name color etc) disapeared. what happened? where are all my stuffs that i gathered along the way and paid for it along the years ?! . Like literally my acc its like it was created now. fresh one..but hows that possible?!
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