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  1. I have not played mid wars for a few years but I remember back in the good ol' days it had a hidden MMR, so if you played mostly with friends and didn't throw games yourself then you should be able to steer clear of throwaway accounts. In normal ranked, I am a couple of games short of 1700 and I don't see many intentional griefers at all - maybe one game in 10 has someone intentionally feeding, selling off their items or dodging the AFK flag. I have not had to report many people for chat abuse either. There are of course people whining saying "cc 15" or people arguing over lanes quite often but that is inevitable in any team game that puts 5 strangers together and expects them to cooporate. At the moment I play HoN everyday, usually at least 4 or 5 matches a day (Corona lockdown). Taking that in to account, here are the reports I have had to make in the last 2 weeks. Not many at all.
  2. Introduction Over the years, I've seen one particular question/complaint pop-up all the time. "Why is the HoN community so bad?" While I understand that hostility is inevitable in a team-based game, I feel that having player statistics on show for the world to see is a contributing factor to answering that question. I've lost count of how many times I have joined a game only to see someone snap-call mid before someone else announces "gg this noob mid has 0.8 KD I feed". This is something that commonly happens during the banning phase, before the match has even started. I am confident that most people will agree with me when I say that Kills vs Deaths ratio, or any technical statistic like Gold Per Minute or Creep Kills per game, is not really a true indicator of someone's skill level especially as it takes in to account every game played in the current season (which has an indefinite duration) as well as the differing roles available in the game which often result in lower stats, such as support or suicide. The Proposal I would love to see an option available in settings which toggles who gets to see my stats. The available options for stat visiblity would be as listed below: Private Friends-Only Friends and Clan Public (Naturally MMR and number of games played will still be visible) An example of how this would look on the stats page is shown below in this amazingly editted picture in paint.net. (Based off of a system used in Overwatch). Conclusion I feel that this kind of change will help to mitigate the number of suffer games as it removes a catalyst that in my personal experience, is the root of a large portion of "ruined games". It is dissapointing when a team is already at a major disadvantage before the game has even begun just because two people have gotten in to an argument over someone's competence at a specific role that has led to them into trying to ruin eachother's gaming experience. Thanks for reading, please consider responding with your opinion as well as placing a vote in the poll. It would be interesting to see how many people agree with me.
  3. I think at this stage in the game's lifecycle, they should be put back on sale for gold coins only and at their original price. The gold collection avatars were sold for 600 gold coins if I remember correctly - And to be honest many of the older gold collection and early access avatars are not really that impressive anymore compared to the avatars released in the last few years.
  4. RitchUK

    Store glitched

    A friend of mine is also experiencing the same problem.
  5. I was browsing the internet out of boredom and found this picture which compares MOBA players to countries in the second world war. I definitely feel like I am most like Poland, what about everyone else?
  6. I recently switched back to Heroes of Newerth after playing Dota 2 for a couple of years, My gaming experience in HoN has been so much nicer than Dota 2 ever was. For reference, my MMR is around 1600. Yes there are arseholes but that is inevitable no matter which online game you play. Heroes of Newerth has a Report a Player system where you can actually see the results of every player that you have reported. And reports I make are usually reviewed within 12 hours at most. rap.heroesofnewerth.com If someone is being racist or wishing suicide upon you then just report them for chat abuse and make sure you get someone else to do the same - I can say with full confidence that they will be punished.
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