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  1. I guess we should play around the interplay of his mechanics and his numbers first before deciding on a full rework. His kit isn't particularly broken which warrants an urgent rework. This will be a long post, as this dwells on technical aspects of the hero/abilities and interactions (as well as examples/comparisons). Premise: Skrap's particular mechanics-related (as well as a bit of scaling-related) issues: Possible Solutions while retaining the essence of his current kit - these are effectively mechanics-centric tweaks which serve as QoL changes:
  2. I will have to raise though that making LRM central to what makes Artillery a damage-based carry is what makes him entirely flawed in the first place - unless there are mechanics in place to mitigate these flaws: LRM, as a channeling ability, may have its long range and its high damage potential when farmed. However, it also prevents Artillery from auto-attacking - shoehorning him to build mostly damage and nothing else (if to be built to carry), since most attack modifiers or attack-based procs mean nothing for him. This is one of the reasons why (a) Shroud is usually core on him (as th
  3. In his current state, Artillery's several limitations to Q is what prevents him to be a carry (only a semi-carry at best) - not only due to the creep damage reduction added but also due to the reduced damage based on missile impact distance aspect of the ability. These two (in combination) is what makes it harder for Artillery to flash farm (since his W is a relatively weak creep clear ability). Just due to these limitations alone (in consideration of the rest of his kit), I don't think Artillery should be played as a carry at this point. He does, however, have several abusable factors wh
  4. I beg to disagree. SW and Chronos have their mobility aspect covered, but they have a slower start as they have no strong means to farm. Their scaling aspect is also related to how their different abilities work together (Chronos has one of the strongest abilities/ultimates in the game - with a superior AoE stun - while also having bash mechanics for follow-up and Rewind+Leap for survivability, while SW has Mirage is his instant-port, his illusions for massive scaling, and his Desert's Curse for mobility/chase/escape/terrain-walk - at the disadvantage of having minimal CC). On the o
  5. Adrenaline's damage is mostly coming from the mechanics and combinations of his skills rather than items. Sure items can provide additional damage for him, but his kit scales regardless of level and his items because his is based on %HP (no matter how tanky you are). If you are to make subrants about Adrenaline in this same thread you made, I would suggest you make a dedicated one for Adrenaline to make the case for him (i.e. his recent nerfs being unreasonable). Adrenaline has his own issues to deal with though - i.e. his reliance on snowballing (since he has 0 farming skills in his
  6. There are conditions to have those for PM though, and the effects/damage transfer are not instant. The strongest combination for PM to setup - which is to spawn the puppet right beside the target and take advantage of the splash mechanic of Whiplash (+ force the target to attack the puppet through Puppet Show) - is something that requires PM to compromise his position as well (in addition to the need for an item that allows him to close the distance). His ultimate is also primarily single-target with a long cooldown which balances out its strengths - then there's the condition that the puppet'
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