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  1. Lasts for ca 8 hours at least, read the fucking message bois
  2. all you need to do is take ONE action such as hitting a creep in lane or in jungle. If you can't do that nor leave your lane to gank/whatever then why are you even playing.
  3. The items is 100% fine atm, it's not a must have anymore for Dr. Rep, Dampeer or Ravenor, which speaks volumes. The CD red. is super strong, it's just not a must have for any hero other than a TB or Tempest. Which both need other items to be viable in any game anyways. The item has just been kind of forgotten by most players besides Dutch that use it as a sort of meme-item for carry builds. I prefer it how it is now to how it was a "must have" have like SOTM for Hag.
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