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  1. Theres a annoying bug that spams infinitely the Solstice voice when his hero gets destroyed and he is actually rushing his dash. Youtube video
  2. Would be nice if something different happeenz when a hero touch the shard-arena from the outside uhm like add some special debuff, slow, lower def or something to make adrenaline get some nice effort to "pull" heroes into the area. otherwise it will be just like trasspassing a red thing to dont go out for 6 seconds
  3. Finally, 32x version was a little screwed up for my pc, always having issues since... 2012, 2013 I guess. I'll test this literally RN. I hope it doesn't come with the bug that crashes the game when creeps spawns (2/10 times) or when Riptide "touches" midlane water for the first time. Had this error like since Riptide debut. Cheeers!
  4. I'm in love this new layout!

    So sad we dont have HoN thumbs anymore ? RIP

  5. The new layout is eternally better than the old one. I'm amazed for all this changes, nice job <3.
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