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  1. Hi guys I've playing this game since 2014 and one of the most awesome events that HoN got in the past was WAR EFFORT! will exist any possibility that we got back this event? was amazing and motivated me too much! :D! now will be a nice moment to improve and start making more events like this! HoN will never die!
  2. Hi Guys i recently enter to HoN and get noticed that im banned for 70k hours. without reason. idk what just happened. i don't dcced any game in these days. i have like 15k hours at HoN, this is so unfair :( pls any GM help me :(
  3. Really loves this game, and i think the same about how hon literally survived lol, HoN took 6 years of ly life and i can't just let him go away, HoN is an especial parto of my life.
  4. Hi, maybe your friend or you have to talk especially with ElementUser or a Staff member! <3
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