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  1. Name, I got 3 days ban... A global ban, for having rape in my nickname,all i know I talk to, got banned for nicknames to, but could change instantly and play.I get 3 days global ban after 3 years with that name... happend right after Imba raged on stream, cause I called mid and picked berzker... I can only assume he got me banned, since he was typing on discrd you could hear on stream.
  2. I have a question, if its reportable if someone writes something in the lines like : "You just got raped" or something like that, which is like normally conversations in hon. Rather ask here, instead of making like 100 raps a day, if its ok to write it,... Also, since I get a 3 days global ban instead of just namechange, I would like to report just some of the other players I meet with simul names. RapeFruitz, Rape_Existst, Rapeking_98, rape`king`, Rapeblondie, RapeingApe, Rapeslag, Rapeyamama, RapedBySrb, Rape_____ape, Rape_ape``, rape_apk, rape_app, rape_ass, Rape_Brigade,
  3. Who are these streamers you talked to ? I have played 1500 games, in the night when que time is long and most of those people are like new players, so I do not see a problem with new players being thrown into those games right away.
  4. It's time, as a Gravekeeper main, I need a SoTm effect on my damn hero. My suggestion is: You get +1 charge on corpse explosion, with a 15 seconds cd to recharge. ( 2 uses at max charges ). Your maximum numbers of corpse exploded increases from 6 to 7.
  5. Can we not start changing the heroes thats already balanced? WS is one of the most balanced and one of the best carry counters in the game. He is no where close to being weak, people just don't realise how to ultilize his abilities, to full time. Click on the target and see the timer.
  6. I suggest you make a season reset/ladder reset. now with the big december update. This should be done, so no1 starts legendary, no1 starts above 1700 mmr. If you win your first 6 prematches, you are 1700.. not higher, not 1 games from immortal or legendary.. like the last 10 seasons.
  7. What the hell is going on here, hahahaha Our servers now require your computer clock be correct with the specific timezone you have chosen on your computer for you to actually play on our servers. Please ensure this is correct.
  8. The last 3 screenshots is from my consol while NOT being into the game.. just after the reonnectiong 100%... and im still standing in lobby "play now" and such
  9. So I woke up ( been playing 4 hours before without problems, never seen this before ) start a TMM game with my RL, we get into the game, everything is normal - as soon as I spawn in the pool, I start having lags and DC sign coming up like when a DDOS attack on servers.... so I open my consol, and see these I have never had this happend before, and I was playing 4 hours ago alot of games, without any problems.... so I try disconnect out restart my game, so I click the "reonnect button"... it loads 100%.... and my rl says im in the game, but on my screen it finish loading, but d
  10. I'm looking at the 5vs5 MMR related hon tour coming up, if someone needing that mid/carry player, hit me up.. been away from the game for some time, just here to have fun... Haven't played much this season, a few games on this account and a few on Dogplayer`
  11. Not much to do about it, when I came back after 7 months - I start at 1500 and after 6 placement I will max get 1700 mmr. Which mean I will still be like gold1 or something, so ofc there will be old good players starting in gold for some games. Don't know how they should fix this tho, maybe do so placement can be 1800mmr after placement matches.
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