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  1. Sn1ke

    Save HoN

    I highly agree. It's not a question of If, rather a task of finding the right person with a proper vision for the game ( and budget of course )
  2. Sn1ke


    Well since I mostly play Midwars I can only assess his viability in this mode. I think Scrap is perfectly fine in Midwars, since his delayed stun with Q is marking an area which enemies can't go if they don't want to get stunned is very strong if used correctly. So Midwars-wise i don't think a change is neccessary. Maybe give him a Sotm boost but i wouldn't go further.
  3. You have to look at the team aspect in MW. There are no additional lanes, which means, every hero that does AoE damage or can tank AoE damage or can heal AoE damage is preferably almost always the best choice. Let's take Pharaoh as an example. He is very good in catching single heros off guard. That doesn't work very well in MW, because the rest of the team is in close range to help their mate out and pharaoh gets easily taken down if focused immediately. There are heros who are build for sticking in the middle of their team (almost always good for MW) and other heros who are better in so
  4. Okay i get that. But as of right now, your goal that balanced random should fullfill doesn't work. As i said, if you happen to have only pharaoh as a strength hero, a tank is still missing in terms of roles. I can see now why the things aren't working. All this mode is bringing are very unbalanced games - hence no variety since the games last around 5 minutes most of the time and on top of that it adds frustration to the players which will likely influence their mood that will get taken in to the next games. For this point, you have to differentiate as a company. Let them complain
  5. After playing HoN for around 10+ years MW has come to an alltime low in terms of fun. The new mode called balanced random is everything besides balanced. I had dozens of games where one team has a hooker, the other has not. That alone is just not balanced. Second scenario is my team not having a tank/healer, the other team does. One of my mates repicks into a gemini or night hound. Pretty balanced. I'm not writing this to just rant. In my book if you have a complaint, bring solutions to the table only that will make you a viable discussion partner. So here are my three solutio
  6. To you it may have not any counters. Just one example: Polly pks in and sheeps him -> team kills Nomad off. That simple. The likelihood of this scenario to happen is higher than your version with Glacius. Yes you are right! Apparently you need to learn what SOTM does -> it enhances the effects of current abilities.
  7. Why would I imagine such a specific scenario? A god like game would imply, that Glacius knows his stuff so jumping into a boosted Nomad isn't a option for him. That would be a scenario I would imagine. Your statement could be compare to: What would you do as a Deadlift against Arachna? Nothing, just pick another hero that suits better.
  8. From your viewpoint, if I have Vindi in enemy team and he was staffed by his teammate, that would be annoying too. It has literally no logical implications. Plus, Nomads teammate isn't just giving him SOTM as a gift, he has to sacrifice 4200 gold in order to do so.
  9. Amun-Ra Ashes to Ashes: Increases Health Generation to 2/3/4/5 and Magic Damage dealt to 30/40/50/60. Additionally, for every 10% max health missing, Ra gains 1.5 Magic Armor. (Maximum of 13.5 Magic Armor)
  10. Gladiator Flagellation: Staff of the Master imbues Flagellation now with orb effects. Additionally, for every real enemy hero hit reduces the cooldown of Pitfall by 1 second. +To prevent misunderstandings - Gladiator has to buy orb effects such as Harkons, Shieldbreaker etc. SotM only enables the bonuses
  11. Sounds fun to try it out Yes! I was a big fan of this. The restriction of one duplicate hero per team sounds good. Also yes, since it's the important part of the game. Here I am not a fan of, since the concept is to reward player by skill and not by losing. It could change the gameplay at a whole by losing on purpose. Sounds also very good. I play mw alot and I had dozen scenarios, where I had plenty of gold but my item slots where already packed.
  12. Hey man it's all good. Purpose of forums is to discuss stuff ? And as i said, it would require testing. If my suggestion would be too weak, your addition would be welcome i guess.
  13. Okay lets break it down a bit. Lets assume every skill is maxed= FA's ultimate fires two arrows per second. Proccing Call of the Damned 2x, meaning 100% of FA's auto attack damage as magic damage per second + 280 magic damage from crippling volley (usually the combo starts with it) + 350 Magic Damage per second from her ultimate alone while Fa is firing her normal auto attacks. Now that alone is alot of damage. I don't think it needs a second boost on split fire.
  14. Yes and no. Nomads performance heavily depends on the hands that guide him. If he performs well in a recent game, a Staff upgrade should be justified.
  15. This suggestion is nowhere near powerful as the already implemented staff upgrades.
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