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  1. Just because I focused him, he told he will report me and talk to all of your friends to make a ticket too, so he can do this? GM can intimidate the players like that? If you need a name I ll send on PM. Obvious he did it out of the game.
  2. I really dont know about the other games, just askingthe possibility, was thinking you can gain on quantity, but its ok, ty for the answer!
  3. Very thanks for the new server! You are great! But can you think about the purchases? For us, each dolar cost $5,40 local currency, so can the prices be lowered for IPs from south america? Or a promotional sale because of the server launch. Just a suggestion, Thank you again!
  4. What about give this man, when he has staff, 2 hits to land the ult and increase the area on enemy to 50%, left and right only.
  5. The problem is, if someone picks flint you NEED to counter him to HAVE A CHANCE, if they dont pick Flint, you can pick any hero, you dont have to worry about this and the game will be more fun. I agree with the topic
  6. Hey, ty ofr the answer! Thats my question, how can I appeal from a inaccessible game? I got suspended at May 22, 2020, from a game at 2008. What could I write at my defense without the replay? Ok about Suspension do expire, but and the reports? I think they need to expire too, if you cant download the replay.
  7. Hey there! I got banned for 3 days and I can't defend myself, because the game was at 2018! I cant see whats happened and see if this is true or not, because I cant download the replay, so this is the right way to do? The ban already expired, but the problem is, the next wont be 3 days. The reports never expire? So, who got a false accusation can't defend yourself properly.
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