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  2. What about give this man, when he has staff, 2 hits to land the ult and increase the area on enemy to 50%, left and right only.
  3. The problem is, if someone picks flint you NEED to counter him to HAVE A CHANCE, if they dont pick Flint, you can pick any hero, you dont have to worry about this and the game will be more fun. I agree with the topic
  4. Hey, ty ofr the answer! Thats my question, how can I appeal from a inaccessible game? I got suspended at May 22, 2020, from a game at 2008. What could I write at my defense without the replay? Ok about Suspension do expire, but and the reports? I think they need to expire too, if you cant download the replay.
  5. Hey there! I got banned for 3 days and I can't defend myself, because the game was at 2018! I cant see whats happened and see if this is true or not, because I cant download the replay, so this is the right way to do? The ban already expired, but the problem is, the next wont be 3 days. The reports never expire? So, who got a false accusation can't defend yourself properly.
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