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  1. I tried to join in a MW game, but nothing happens, any problems?
  2. Hey there, to the topic, I just dont want on future to be recidivist on the conduct.
  3. Maybe 2020, but I dont know if It was with this nick
  4. Why not give rampage the abilllity to throw the target too? With disarm, slow and the tied animation, when it hit the ground
  5. That was the first time I got this "Temporarily ban" this year, I just want to know its a bug or what I did wrong to get 10 days.
  6. My computer crashed before the game start, I tried to recconect to the game, but I cant, than when I tried to join on another game the pop-up show me I gor Temporarily ban for failure to connect the game, but 10 days is not too much for something you can't control?
  7. Why the enemy had to know when hes near or how many hits needed, and where, to land a ultimate?
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