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  1. can they not appear in single draft, so players can have a choice?
  2. i get this too. it happens after playing for some time when memory leaks and spaghetti code tangles. also when i press z to show chat it freezes whole game for 1 second XD
  3. i played that, problem was it died too fast. 100 is good number
  4. core perma lose 1%hp per team death - 100 deaths = game over. prevent games dragging out/ spawn camping 100 is a nice number. or let players leave without punishment
  5. from your view point sure it might be balanced. but from silver view point this hero ruins games. same as infinite stat points for devo or vindicator passives. do we balance for top 5% or for majority of player base? dont have to ask you that. you are for 5%
  6. Oxim

    gpu crash

    win 10 has this blue light filter u can set to turn on in late hours to protect your eyes, help u go to sleep. i think hon doent like this and crashes/ restarts gpu. when it comes back on whole screen is solid gray colour and blue light filter is off. white lights burns my eyes. possible trigger - chrome playing videos in the background
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