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  1. just a little i think. but not a huge difference
  2. thanks a lot man! iam using now the 165hz monitor.. its better, but idk if it will make a huge difference for hon
  3. Why should i limit the max fps to a max? Like my monitor is 165hz, why should i limit to 165? Just to learn more
  4. i will do this! Imagine... buy a 144hz monitor and forget to switch on hon options lmao
  5. thanks a lot man! i bought today the monitor, and i was thinking that was a fail lmao. But when i plugged him it will appear 144hz on hon. Nice!
  6. hi guys, i dont know if this is the correct area to post about, but i didnt find the off topic area. Can i play hon with a 144 hz monitor and use such refresh rate on the game? Iam asking this cuz on options only have a max of 75hz to choice here. Therefore, i will not use the full potentional of the 144hz monitor? Thanks a lot
  7. Idk... you rlly think a shaman that costs just 2k gold, will counter spellshards and grimmore (like 9k gold)? Wtf?
  8. its a 60 cooldown item man, that costs like 5200 gold... wtf?
  9. I think its a little early to say, but i think the buff on thunderbringer was way too much... Specially the improve in atack range when another mid heroes was reduced. TB has low cooldown Q, improve damage on W, and the weakness (low atack range) was improved to something almost similar to another mid heroes 500-525.
  10. Idk, thunderbringer seems rlly OP now... with that 450 range and the nerf on another mid heroes. What was the point to buff atack range of tb if he has like a long range with skills? Hes not putting hinself in bad position in mid lane...
  11. Wow thats really nice! How someone can think that is not a good item? Thanks a lot for the aswner
  12. I have a question about the 20% plus healing on sacrificial... It only works with the healing of the item itself ( when have charges) or it increase the whole healing of the hero ( skill , itens etc)?
  13. Yeah, i know they need to active the item ( 700 range) but if they do this... and i go away like 2000, and its a place that is warded... They kill me? Even 2000 range...
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