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  1. Lol so much heroes banned, lets see if they get fix fast... cuz will be pad like 15 heroes banned for 2 months rofl
  2. The BR server is lagging too, i have like 50 ping and have like 1 second deley + Dc symbol. Me and another 3 players on the same match
  3. yeah, i rlly have almost no reason to buy totens in early game, since they will have no upgrade in itens
  4. Yeah, i used him to solo mid and i won 3 times in a row.. i actually won vs a soul reaper lol. They rlly need to gank me to help... This is not okay, a sb solo and win mid vs mid heroes. He have a EXTREME harass potention on lvl 1, noone can outharass him lvl 1. You can have 2 stuns in like 3 seconds... and the other guy is 30% health
  5. I need to agree with the topic.. right now iam waiting for a 27min Q on BR server. But the problem is, i rlly dont know why the ping on USE server grew up a LOT! I always usually to play with 170-180 ping. Now its 230+, wtf? My internet is the same. the server location is the same, why the ping grew up for the whole BR?
  6. Agreed thet stun needs to get removed ( too broken stun + plus magic dmg), or have a global cooldown... Cuz sb can press E, atack creeps... then hit you and stun you. So wait like 2-3 seconds and can hit E and stun you again! Its a LOT of damage, specially early lvls
  7. I dont know weather the correct area to post. But me and some BRplayers are experiencing some "crash" on FPS. I have always 150-190fps in games after 64bits client. But now just on BR server it is going to 20 in some fights. That never happened, i have a i5 8600, 1070Ti geforce, ssd, 16 ram etc... I asked to another BR players and they said the same thing, fps going down in the match. Thanks a lot! And sorry if it is not the correct area to post it
  8. i didnt think hes broken.. Hes okay now, like the guy above said he was overnerfed and now hes okay
  9. It depends if you let the auto cast do the whole animation man. If you auto cast and stop the animation will do this. But if you dont cancel and let the whole animation proc, you will not receive the fervor.
  10. yeaah! Pyro mid can never harass you with 1 skill when on auto hahaha
  11. i did exactly the posted above, it didnt fix
  12. problem with bubbles is that he needs a good team with him or snowball fast =/.
  13. on control, put the hotley you want on "active skill 3 secondary" something like this haha
  14. And take care... cuz if it always turned on. It will cast the skill on a situation that you dont wanna to... and it will be on CD so.. you cant cast it for 6 seconds. Exemple: you turn on... atack a midle guy, the creeps hitted you and you auto casted cover... So the other midguy can harass you for 6 sec. Another good situation to use auto cast.. you are running out with 10 hp.. and a aluna will throw the skill 2 on you, put auto cast and she will not kill you
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