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  1. Finally playing with 50ping LOOL , thanksss!
  2. agreed, i stopped playing this after got huge laag after migration. 50% of games i was had people saying about laag. And my friends here saying the same thing about the server (USA i only play this cuz of lowest ping for me).
  3. Agreed, idk why the nerf on salf... He was one big hero on early/mid game and his late depends on his farm, but fall a lot when the game goes. I didnt get this nerf on him.
  4. I thing my router and the 9 guys of the same match was being fucked.... Since we know every match the 10 guys enter in the same server , in our case some of use, and its everyone of the match having the same problems, its like 100% of that server. Só... Its not an argue If you have another population in perspective, the whole community. But It is If you took the people in that server use of the Match. I think its hard tô 10 people from different coutry até having rout problems at the same time
  5. This new server is SO LAAGY, iam playing right now a match that is EVERYONE in the game saying the same thing, The new server is laagy, pings going 190-240 everytime, and its not just me... its evryone in the game.
  6. The client is rlly good . I have like 120-160 fps. Problem was the migration of the servers
  7. Yeah... use is not good. Little deley and the ping is little highter, idk but It is worst after the migration. I think its not my connection since anothers players in the match Said the same thing
  8. Yeah Bro, i only have games in the best server for me. Only USE on, everyone is off here... And I and another players in the same match ( and anothers matches that in had ) Said the same, the deley and ping are worst
  9. After the migration to the 64bits, i think the new servers are worst than the older. Iam having a little deley and higher ping. What about you guys? The fps is so much better, but i think the new servers is worst =/.
  10. Totally agreed! Dm was like 0 skill to play.. you could instakill everyone in the game just with shaman lol. So retarded press 2 buttons and kill/tank everyone
  11. we appreciate this! I rlly think grimmore needs somes changes, specially cuz of his benefits X costs
  12. Iam curious. What was the premise about bring the auto cast 3skill back on bubbles? And that change of INT lvl 0.1 more INT gain, really make a better impact? Just 0.1. Just fee question to learn more. Thanks !
  13. Liked a lot the changes, specially the return to auto cast 3skill bubbles. But, i still wanna see a change on grimmore... this item will has not decent effects that make it costs 5100 gold
  14. the problem is the cost of it in my opinion. It has the same 5100 of geometer and frostwolf that had way better stats and active. Srsly, 5100 gold for a item like grimmore is too much. Noone in the game will try to make this item, and i tried a few times as bubbles and other heroes. 5100 is too much for grimmore since he did few for you. Just see 4750 hellflower and 5400 kuldra. The item is NEVER pick up, that should be something wrong with this item, so why i never see someone building it?
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