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  1. we appreciate this! I rlly think grimmore needs somes changes, specially cuz of his benefits X costs
  2. Iam curious. What was the premise about bring the auto cast 3skill back on bubbles? And that change of INT lvl 0.1 more INT gain, really make a better impact? Just 0.1. Just fee question to learn more. Thanks !
  3. Liked a lot the changes, specially the return to auto cast 3skill bubbles. But, i still wanna see a change on grimmore... this item will has not decent effects that make it costs 5100 gold
  4. the problem is the cost of it in my opinion. It has the same 5100 of geometer and frostwolf that had way better stats and active. Srsly, 5100 gold for a item like grimmore is too much. Noone in the game will try to make this item, and i tried a few times as bubbles and other heroes. 5100 is too much for grimmore since he did few for you. Just see 4750 hellflower and 5400 kuldra. The item is NEVER pick up, that should be something wrong with this item, so why i never see someone building it?
  5. Hi guys, i did a epic play on a match as suicide and when the match finished i tried to download the replay. But that match catn be downloaded. I pressed request replay and dont appear anything. The replay refresh and nothing as download. Anothers matches that i played later can be downloaded, just that one that i will send to top 5 cannot. Can someone help me with that plz? 159400421 this is the number . thanks a lot!
  6. Hi guys, i wanna make a discuttion here about the item grimmmore. In fact, this item has a nice unique skills: magic damage life steak and cooldown reduction. However, the problem is you almost never see anyone making this item. Why? I think the most probabily hyphotesis is the high cost. Why anyoone will spend 5100 gold into this item, if has a kuldra for 5400 or hellflower for 4700? Therefore, i would suggest that the grimmore has a reduction on the cost to turn more viable to spend gold on it, since noone will spend 5100 if have itens that have so much teamfight potential with similar price. What do you guys think about it? Thanks!
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