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  1. Hi Newerthians! I apologize in advance in case I do not post this on the correct forum. I also apologize for an unnecesary long post leading to my actual intentions. I started playing HoN back in the days before we ever had heard of Dota 2 or LoL. Some may call it the glory days, for me it was simply the Engineer-turret days with a charged hammer. Back then all my friends played PC games, mostly WoW and HoN.. Today I'm abit older, 29 in fact, and most of my friends has "grown up" or play FIFA on their PS4s (I know right)... For some years I left HoN though, I can't recall any exact reasons but I do remember still watching some Testie/Imbaboy on Twitch every now and then without even recognizing the heroes anymore.. It really brings me joy to see that HoN is growing again (sure feels like it!) and I really feel happy picking it up again, cause damn I enjoy this game! I even enjoy this community that sometimes may be abit to toxic or hostile.. But hey! How happy doesn't it make you when you find that MM team where everyone communicates and cooparates from start.. Or when your 4 agi carry team (with 1 player who left) still manages to bring home the victory somehow.. Again sorry for the long post, just had to get that out from my heart! As I mentioned I just started playing again and I think I've managed to play around 150-200 games so far. I've been solo-queing on two accounts just playing russian-roulette with the teammates ^^ - What I would love to do is find a team / clan / group our w/e I can que together with. Play as a team, try different laning-combos, different team-combos and enjoy the game together with.. I am a polite player, I usually always put water on any eventual flames that may errupt at the beginning of the game.. So I've managed to get alot of friend-requests and friends along the way. But I specifically want a group/team to work with.. Is there any out there? (I play mostly carry and mid) Thanks in advance!
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