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  1. Just macro assist. Try right click > update mod, then enable. Or disable mod, then enable it again, and then click apply mods and launch hon
  2. I see many of you can't put macros to work properly, so follow OP's steps, and make sure you check "Enable this Macro" Like I said, I've been using multiple macros on multiple hotkeys for years, and had no problems at all. Here's the proof. That gamme occured few months ago.
  3. That's not on us. There's not much AUS players rn, most of the playerbase is from EU, NA anyways, so I don't understand why are you being offended? (Cuz it looks like you are). We're trying to do something good here, so.. Like I said, majority is from EU, and NA, and I don't see anything wrong in NA vs EU playing on either NA or EU servers, but I seriously doubt any team either from NA or EU would play on AUS servers, don't get me wrong though. So far, not a single team from AUS applied for our previous tournament, nor this one, but if you can gather 5 people, probably we can work something ou
  4. There is an answer already, but obviously you didn't look for it. It's 2 posts above this one.. No new seasons will be released as Elementuser said.
  5. Just imagine as if ranks never happened, like back in the days.
  6. Give this man at least some PBT version of staff engi for one day already
  7. Level 9 gives 30 tickets as well as level 6
  8. Start a practice game, go to options/mods, and click on movable frames. Then uput the frame where u want it to be
  9. steffz0r

    HoN Live

    Yeah, if u want to check matchups, but how about actually spectating a game? Hasn't been working for me for quite some time already, and I'm pretty sure nor for the others as well
  10. But, if you're the only one reporting, shoulnd't gms ignore the report cuz its a single report against a player? Just like it is ignored when u solo report someone, for example afking.
  11. Ctrl + F8 then type reconnect and press enter. Try it for a few times
  12. Can u stop crying and ignore the user instead? Many people as well insult like that just for fun, even tho it's as stupid as it sounds. If it really bothers you, there's various commands ingame. /ic ; /ignore add ; /dnd Imagine if everyone cried about everything, instead of trying to find a solution by themselves, which isn't hard in most cases
  13. Try contacting someone on official discord server https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/1123-official-hon-discord-launch/
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