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  1. I've been wanting trophy bub for years now, might it become a dream come true this honmas?
  2. Buy a sub account and start all over. The only way
  3. It's here.. But in old UI. And works only when everyone picks a hero
  4. Feel free to look up on our discord as well! https://discord.gg/WeNmwrDH
  5. Ye I had the exact same problem. Dcing from game and reconnecting solved the problem.
  6. Santa please, if you could find me a person to swap gifts, or a person too kind to just gift me laser beam taunt, i'd be very grateful!
  7. Now, I'm pretty sure Punk Announcer is available for gifting though
  8. Not the only one though(( But pandasoul is available for purchase in the shop, and trophy bubbles isn't((
  9. Im not asking for charity, even tho its HoNmas All I am asking for this year is to somehow be able to get my hands on elite trophy bubbles Happy HoNmas to everyone!
  10. steffz0r


    Its giftable only when purchased with gold coins
  11. "2 hours from now" has nothing to do with timezones
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