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  1. Well I appreciate it , but I actually wrote it that way for a reason , I love this game and I would love to support it , but I wish I wasn't treated like a 2nd class customer because of where I live and I wish this grievance is taken seriously by an honest response (even privately) , but I know I wont get it. Anyway until I can buy gold coins like I used to many years ago , I have no reason to change my stance. ? One last argument to consider: Your entire calculation is based on risk , what is the risk of working a market the whole world works in ? selling your goods to one of USA's top
  2. No offense man but which US law says that exactly ? I have been making this argument for years and way too many people come here trying to defend this. I just purchased a keyboard from amazon and shipped it directly , also I have been buying blizzard games for years , hell my country just signed a trade agreement with USA ! where exactly is this law ? who is suing who exactly ???? where are these invisible rules that say I cant buy gold coins ???? When I was studying in USA and buying groceries , was Walmart breaking the law ? (note: I brought this up because even when I lived in USA , I sti
  3. No man , I aint going through any of that. Every other game & platform on the planet has no problem taking my money so I expect HoN to be the same. The message from S2 previously and now frostburn is very clear, they dont want my money, so I will oblige. Just because I live in the middle east doesn't mean im a security risk or a terrorist. Edit: So I just checked , I can donate. I find it very hypocritical that I cant buy gold coins because they "arent available in my country" , but there is no problem accepting my paypal money. Sadly hilarious.
  4. I would love to donate , this game has more than paid for any money I put in it and I know its great and worth it. HOWEVER you guys dont accept my money because Im in Jordan. I havent been able to buy gold coins for years......makes no sense because HoN is the only game that does this. I would love to buy gold coins and donate right now if I can , but you guys dont want my money , so Ill use it in other games and continue enjoying HoN without providing anything because thats what you guys want from me.
  5. This looks like fun :D I am a balph and Kane fan
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