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  1. I gave this some thought and tested it out on some of my accounts. At gold 2 and above, this sotm is basically just for zoning the enemies out. Once they get hit by one, they just rush out and its useless. Silvers tend to stay in the zone and fight if they are winning the fight against TB's team. So I was thinking, what about increasing the slow? Would 50% slow for 1.5secs instead of 30% make it more viable and change the way people use it in team fights? This makes it harder for better players to run out of the zone and makes it easier for lower ranked players to recognise the threat of
  2. Hi all, I have been trying to find the way to use my mastery boost ever since I came back to the game. Does anyone have a method to using them? Or was that feature removed? Thanks~
  3. I agree, I don't recommend new player play support cause firstly, they will get flamed hard which makes them quit hon sooner. Also in low brackets, people tend to always blame supports even if it was not their fault. Mid will blame support for no wards when he loses, farm will blame support for not boxing out or dying while doing so. New players are trying to grasp the concept of laning and you don't want to overwhelm them with map control at the start.
  4. Look for the 1-3 star difficulty heroes, those are the most mechanically easiest to play. Don't be afraid to lose games and just mute toxic players while listening to players who are genuine in wanting to help. There are many people willing to help in this game.
  5. So, ever since they lower the damage on TB sotm effect, I have not seen a single situation where it is worth building. Just buying more magic damage to boost your ulti, refresher or even sheep stick would be more preferred. Maybe it is time to look at changing that? I was thinking lower the timing between shocks to 2 secs or even increasing to slow to 40%. Just to make sotm a viable pickup? Any thoughts on this?
  6. Hi, Not sure if this is the right place but my friends and I noticed that one particular server, USW25 has been almost unplayable the past week. We would see explosions and skills being fired all over the place throughout the map and it is really choppy. Would there be a way to fix that? We get that server maybe once every 5-8 games so I am guessing it is one of the main servers in USW? Thanks
  7. So Balphagores ultimate with sotm has increased radius, damage and silences? Am I not seeing this wrong? D:<
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