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  1. Thank you very much for the PANDA screen ! It is VERY NICE !!! A lot of work and time was there . Very nice visual impact ! Thank you all S2 Team for this !
  2. The game with 2 players from same team leaving (not disconnected) is not that fun for both teams. Playing 3 vs 5 and waiting for game to finish ...one cant CC other cant win untill 15 or so. Most of the time players leave the game in first one minute . This is the time when you can RMK., but somehow the greed or otherwise is there. So to encourage the teams to vote rmk, i would suggest for both team to win / lose same amour of mmr. For example , the team with 2 leavers lose 3 MMR instead of 5. Make the winning team to win same 3 MMR. Like this, you will encourage to vote RMK, so both tea
  3. In my opinion, maybe is better to put more time when creating a new hero (and more tests), then release it and after a while realize that something is wrong and the skills need to be totally reworked. (not fine tuning but totally change the hero)
  4. @ElementUser Just asking. Can you please explain how and Who is taking the decision to modify a certain hero / spells etc ? I mean what is the procedure for this one ? There are some rules (guide lanes) involved ? Whos opinions are asked ? Thank you !
  5. My post is not about changing / reworking a particular Hero, but about the ideea in general. It will be nice to consult some more opinions. It is ok to buff / nerf (do some fine tuning ) . But to change the spells / mechanics on a HERO ? Why not making a new hero with a new name ? Instead of changing soo much in a existent one.
  6. Was this mana / energy mechanic abused somehow ? I mean was adrenaline used soo much that he climb in top of hero usage list ? Please note that not all the persons are playing at very high MMR . A lot of players are playing for fun. Take the fun from the hero (ANY HERO ) and the hero sink in hero usage list at the very bottom. When you rework a hero please take in consideration the average HoN player also. And one more suggestion please : Make some polls. Make them very visible (on HoN game also, where are the announces) . I feel that need to be more communication between the Team (per
  7. First thanks for the 64 bits game. It is Excellent ! Can you please stop REWORKING existing heroes ? If you have an ideea about a skill then GREAT ! MAKE A NEW HERO ! There are persons coming back here after few months / years of pause. They will need to learn a lot, making this game even more difficult. Reworking heroes skills (ex Adrenaline ultimate, DR ultimate, etc, ) just bring frustration and persons who don` t want to play that hero anymore. You mess up the Hero guide, the Hero items, the Hero skills with this . Every player has his own build and items for the her
  8. It will be nice just to remove the 1 sec Nerf .
  9. It should be from the regular shop also. Are you 100% sure that its only from PLINK ? The Carnage Counter ?
  10. For Paragon SET ? Should be in Store - Game Vanity - Upgrades
  11. I cant find that in the Shop. I go to Store - Game Vanity - Upgrades . And then i cant find the kill counter upgrade. If anyone knows exactly please help !
  12. Hello ! Blood Hunter - Gargoyle Super Taunt Doctor Repulsor - ROBOTRON Thank you !
  13. Hello ! Can you please tell me what avatars do I need to own from Paragon set in order to see the kill count in game ? So far i have : - Magmus ( Spectrum Paragon Magmus ), - Dr. Repulsor, -( Garnet ), - Behemoth ( Carnelian ), - Wretched Hag ( Alexandrite ) , - Revenant ( Azurite Paragon Revenant ), - Glacius ( Zircon ), - Parasite ( Amethyst ). Beside them , what else i need to buy so i can have the KILL COUNT bonus in game ? Thank you very much, P.S. I try to find in shop a
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