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  1. Thank you for your help! Here is the updated list:
  2. Ok, so here what i found out: Can someone help me to complete/correct this list? Greetings!
  3. Hello HoN Community! Since the mastery progress for heroes is broken, you cant see the rewards any more. Is there a list of the rewards for hero lvl 1-15? I was looking for it but didnt found anything. Cheers!
  4. Oh damn! @IkMani got the same idea for a meme-template than me! He just did it 1000 times better -.-
  5. Patch notes say: You still get stunned when Ichor transfers the "Glacial Blasts" of Tempest. Bug or intended?
  6. That is so nice! Thanks for your amazing work, even 10 years after the release. 10th anniversary! i still can't believe it. ? long live hon, long live the king (kongor) ?
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