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  1. It used to be the ordinary client in English for me. You seem to be missing the point. Maybe you should read again from the beginning. Let us turn it around for a second... Maybe you should be happy that I care.
  2. I don't really see a need for that kind of filter. It will take away too much valuable information. Brainstorming and experimenting would be the ideal solution to me. One way could be to try to quantify the bugs and issues that people post and then prioritize those bugs that people mention the most. Leaving it open for people to post feedback on that issue. Discouraging users from contributing just isn't a lasting solution. The fact that you have never heard of the bug I just reported, compared to how often it is mentioned on the facebook page and how long it has existed, it really proves
  3. I don't care about official channels for reporting. I have already more than gone out of my way to use this forum to report it, to begin with. I am pretty sure that most players can agree to that sentiment. The game is here to prove itself to the outside world, not to lay down nonsense bureaucracy that just makes people unhappy and slows down its development. The more difficult you make it, the higher the chance that people won't go out of their way to help you improve the game. You can try to discredit the facebook page all that you want, but that is ultimately just incredibly unprofessi
  4. Hello people I was unable to find this issue on the forums, although that may just be me. I will make this short as I no longer play the game and run a stricly 0 nonsense policy. I have no gamefiles to share with you. I expect this long lasting issue to be taken seriously if you actually care for the player base. Queues stalling and counting up infinitely has been a frequent occurrence that me and my friends have complained about for years on both fresh and old PC builds, and on both fresh and old HoN installations. I still see people complaining about this on the HoN facebook page w
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