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  1. Try this config: 1. NVIDIA Control Panel > Control 3D Configuration > Program Configuration Then disable this settings: Shadow Cache, Vertical Sync, Anti-aliasing, MFAA. 2. Set HoN to run with Administrator Privileges and compatibility set to Windows 7. 3. In game, go to settings > Search > Type "Main" > Disable new main interface > restart game. 4. Game Graphic settings: - Antialising: None - Shader Quality: High - Model Quality: High - Shadow Quality: Low - Texture Size: High - Display Follage: Off - Dinamic Lights: On - Reflections: Off - Rim Lighting: On - Texture Filtering: 16x - Refraction: On - Post Processing: On - Display Skybox: Off 5. Once and before everytime you get into a match, go to Task Manager and end "Awesomium_Process.exe". Hope this helps, for me this solutions completely fixed the issue, also it improved my FPS, so whenever i get into a big teamfight the game doesnt run slow.
  2. It may be an issue for NVIDIA cards, the problem persists even after this patch with the new Spyglass item. You have to keep doing the same action almost very 10 to 15 minutes so the issue reduces it's freezing time to 0.5 - 1 sec freeze, maybe it's something related graphic configuration in the NVIDIA Control Panel, but i didnt figured it out yet.
  3. Nope, it doesn't work.
  4. I'll try that and i'll let you know, thank you.
  5. i'm sorry, what you mean i dont? i do have the same issue.
  6. I do have the same problem, it happens whenever i try to drop the item "Logger's Hatchet" and in some AoE ult habilities, such as Bubbles, Kraken, ult for example and in some normal skills like Pyro AoE stun, it is annoying since this bug drops FPS drastically and i do have a good PC to run this game lol.
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