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  1. Hey EU I have a question about the new evasion mechanic on Nitro's E, does the 50% evasion only apply to the units within the 300 range, or does she gain 50% evasion against all units whilst an enemy is within 300 range? Also when it says "enemy", does that mean just heroes or do creeps count too? Thanks.
  2. Flint is really not that good. He is super hard countered by not just good jump heroes (Pharaoh, Doctor, PK users), but by simply picking a harder carry hero (Tarot, Puppet), as Flint's scaling is actually quite middling, and his damage output is negated entirely by Shrunken Head (his ministun doesn't even work against magic immune heroes), which basically is on everyone's buy list in Mid Wars anyway. I do concede the fact that Flint stomps lower brackets with his long range complimenting with the natural position of Mid Wars teams, but against coordinated teams he struggles to do anything mea
  3. Yes, that is basically a third of HoN games, what else is new
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