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  1. Aluna Suits imo best in a position 3-4
  2. yes they can. Same with mistake 1, russians can play now. But before they reversed it players left for Dota or other games.
  3. We can not prevent friends from playing together. The mistake HoN made that concerns friends was 1: Removing Russians from the client. 2:Removing 4man queues
  4. Wait til you hear about 1-1-3 games. Will your Brain explode if me and My Friends went 2 MID? I Love that we can choose.
  5. Depends. MB His offlaners are doing fine? Gank your safe lane
  6. Macrohard did a formula on old hon forums. @MacroHard
  7. Funniest, but not Always most sucessful: FA, Draco (before meta) Circe, SS mid, Bubbles mid/sui, Fayde, Shellshockflux, Revenant, Bs, Kung klout, The dragon girl seems fun in My Head, but i hate her. Prophet, Witch slayer, Berserker, Slither, Soul reaper, Tort
  8. Just make him unable to use items when Flying. Provides counterplay vs instant invurnerable hex etc. When he lands enemy team can react, MB not stun him at all Times, but pop shrunken/null etc.
  9. New trivia date released! Plz make a new topic.
  10. Same to you. Omg! I cant believe i missed this. I Love trivas!
  11. Yepp its weird. Reported this when i had a revenant period. Knew it was intended but it feels really clumpsy i agree.
  12. I dont need anything, just wanna wish everyone s merry xmas and a happy new year! Stay safe, Keep distance and protect the persons you Love.
  13. RUS_AGENT007

    CC 15

    I rarely experience what you are saying. Maybe its your auras? I enter the game with passion and team spirit flows around me. Doesnt matter IF im pos 5 or 1 the team play is there. The positivity is there.
  14. Adrenalin ulti! Does a on-frame take cover prevent bubble from returning back in? Now calamity ulti needs buff/rework!
  15. I just want Spiderman silhouette as an official avatar. I, personally needs No throwback avatar!
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