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  1. Main issue with bomb is the Max stun duration. Combine it with PK and its lol.
  2. Add charges to leap with a regresh rate of todays CD. Except for valks ulti she currently is bad except when 5+slotted which she rarely gets due to her not being able to really Short farm or mid. (i know she can Short farm and mid shh but u get My point) and cuz of this she gets Staff spell shards and legacy a Friend.
  3. Tbh old sw was more fun than current
  4. Like engi Said but understandable: U cant share it ingame but u can share URL and they login on hon.com and set as standard.
  5. Missions could be added. F.e 5 min in where neutrals are- make a (meatball?;))tower that you need to Channel for 10s to take over. This tower would grant sucessful team 200g each and an increased gpm for 3 minutes and +10% dmg to buildings. (Something like that) and after 3 minutes the tower becomes neutral and 2 min CD rdy to be Up again by min 10. This time 400 Gold/each increased gpm and +20% to buildings . Etc
  6. Yes But not in a real way. https://web.archive.org/web/20200202213021/http://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/
  7. I dont see why not... But I dont know how to. We need to get a hackerboy in here. It would be nice to have those commands, but maybe because they are location based it is not working.
  8. Can you like add actual featured avatars inmstead of xemplar pair for 800 thx
  9. Hello Not only the friendlist seems to fail the update if someone logs off. Even normal channel does. Here I am in Channel Sweden and my friend is offline still in channel until I leave and reconnect to the channel
  10. Probably a console command works? EU?
  11. No need 2 pay. Show customer support this thread and see whats possible
  12. Maybe EU can take it from My acc and give it to you
  13. Nice. Might only been disabled in ap
  14. Reported this around 4 years Ago. It was intended then. Might be new rules now.
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