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  1. Reported this around 4 years Ago. It was intended then. Might be new rules now.
  2. Bro it can be double tapped to instantly remove void.
  3. Late game Staff on Bush is really strong. However - this (since removal of invis det.) Might make it pickupable earlier.
  4. Arschna was fine when webbed shot dealt 8dps. Its the orbwalking and slow + dot that makes it powerful. Everything else d.e higher dps is just bonus.
  5. I played alot of Qi. He was supposed to be "carry killer" with his E. However. Supports and other nukers (Every Hero in the game except behemoth and Magmus) get a lot of atk dng by buullding core items and becomes vurnerable without a Choice vs Qi. I loved solo killing almost Any Hero onn the Map. Except Magmus and behemoth. They have 0 dmg.
  6. Tbf i think the item changes in spellshards is a Nerf in it self. As for the cost of the item: i agree with the new cost. U can choose to get a Quick lvl 1 shard. However, spellshards is a "battle item" and the arcana was awesome for it!
  7. Leaving during picking phase because u didnt get ur role is very Common in higher brackets. Since there are low risk of the game not being remaked. I Always pass RMK vote IF someone disconnects. But it hurts My heart knowing hte leaver who left on purpose cuz of some disagreement in lane Up or w/e gets unpunished cuz match is deleted.
  8. Prio 1: IF a player gets terminated it should count as leaver even if RMK. There are No to low risk to leave Early or in picking phase currently
  9. To high mana regen aura imo... Keep it flat number
  10. They are not even Close to eachother The idea is to make it active somehow. My Numbers are obviously off. The seconds are off. Basically chronos passive today is already half accursed ulti with No counter play (except regen counters?) This is One Quick heal in a fight and thats it. No chance to heal if silenced / perplexed/stunned. I dont think this idea is stronger than current in all situations. In some, sure. Adjust Numbers and it wont be a half accursed ulti. Remove mana regen etc. Balance it. Edit: chronos in dota f.e backtracks 100% of all dmg taken within 2 seconds with a 6s (#4,8s w talent) cooldown with his leap. Since you all Love dota changes i edited in a dota similarity.
  11. Patch note Archive is enough as is. Imo.
  12. Yes. Its an idea. The Numbers and scaling can be off.
  13. Yes it could be, but can be bursted down. This is an idea and all Numbers can be tweaked. Even if chronos Rewind pyro ulti it would deal 300. If paired with another stunvä or used as a finisher its completely nullufied. Idea was to make a change thats less RNG on an already 2 much rng Hero. This idea has counters compared to normal rng Rewind and is not just a "Huge buff" it can also be a Nerf. Its changed from random to skill.
  14. Changed to active Activate Rewind to Rewind the time to the last 2 seconds. Applies to HP only Chronos receives Up to 40/50/60/70% of the received dmg. CD 20/17/14/11s Mana cost:20
  15. Non-existent is a bit to much, but rarely. I rarely encounter trolls aswell, and the Toxic community everyone complains about doesnt exist. A few Toxic players have i encounter last few years, but the community is great. Ill search for a wholesome printscreen when i get access to My PC. Edit: https://imgur.com/a/Uql4f In this picture, Pebbles contacted me via a PM after the game. I was tempest. Pebbles had a really hard time mid. "feeding" and what not. I pep-talked him and did 1 or 2 ganks for him, and protecting him mid so he could get PK. and he went out being snowball so we could eventually win the game. Read his story for yourself. Sorry if I "Out" Scooby here , feel free to delete the picture if it breaks the law. Just think its wholesome and that the community in a whole is not toxic.
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