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  1. Yepp. As diabetes Said aswell - removing His mana (and regen) is the best way to deal with armadon. Once he is out of mana he is out of threat. Unlike what merryhonmas Said yes, its true in Early to mid. According to some statistics ive taken from API there is when armadon usually wins - in mid game. Right after finishing helm / shaman they push and win. IF they dont win they atleast took all outer towers and got a big lead even the mid cant kill the support it seems in the API after putting some Numbers in My automated Excel. So late is not really an issue. Then supporta Wi
  2. It is a hand though. It is like this to be able to stun through Shrunken head. Not a bug. Im betting this is decline. It could however be a suggestion: Make it superior magic target scheme, but magic dmg only? (IMO it would be fine with superiour magic dmg LMAO!!!)
  3. It got changed a while back. It now works on heroes like Parallax, tort and QI.
  4. No I think he is funny the whole game. I liked him better before though. The real (hon, not dota1) MB.
  5. No in Chrome in the settings as per the post u first replied too.
  6. Thought it was known. What do your location settings say about hon?
  7. U cant. Https://heroesofnewerth.com/guides or something . I wished Every guide was editable ingame.
  8. I use Mobile. Chrome. Go in to settings, scroll down to places/locations, look in allowed or blocked and u might find forums.hero~
  9. Sry, i meant forums.heroesofnewerth.com . First Time it happened today.
  10. Got it just before i wrote this topic ?
  11. For what do you ask for My location?
  12. Plz, may I remind Everyone that nymph ulti can be seen.... Plz fix this before fixing death lotus. Your text dont belong here. May I redirect your suggestion here: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/3-balancedesign-discussion/&do=add
  13. Show me an observer covering high ground of hellbourne, and bottom Rune, without being able to be seen with rev Ward that covers the basic Cliff Ward at river. preferably at legion Side since going over to HB Side might get u spotted. And the opposite with u being hellbourne.
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