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  1. I thought 60 mmr was the maximum, I never saw anyone win 90 mmr. But the limit is 1700, which is gold 1, I won 60 mmr in every account for every game I played in placement matchs..
  2. Man, you're doing it wrong, sorry. I got 60 mmr for win in placement matchs. Every account placed into 1700, wich is the max.
  3. Here we go: 5.29 kd player, decent gpm/xpm. That's a pretty good status for a... Wait. Silver 5? How can a guy kill and win so much and stay silver 5? Clearly, silver 5 is not his place. So, this is where the "magic" begins... I could spend the whole night sending a print of his games, where he makes the real silvers 5 lose on purpose, refusing to play until he has a margin to win the games again without increasing his rank. If that is not against the rules and liable to be banned, I wonder what will be. @ElementUser We have high mmr play
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