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  1. 70 km so I am the closest one to you in this thread yet ;D I'm from Hagen.
  2. No, you are able to tick multiple options. If you choose one only, then you are right. This will make the Q time the longest possible, but will have a 100% chance you get into the game mode you did choose (Rift Wars for example...) If you however tick all options, you agree to join any game mode. This will result in a very very short Q time (even shorter Q times than midwars games nowadays as I believe more people will play "fun mode" if this happens), however before joining the game you will have no clue which game mode has been chosen. In other words: The more game modes you tick, the lower the Q times, but harder to estimate which game mode will be chosen. Let us be honest. If someone is willing to wait 15 minutes for a 100% chance to play a Rift Wars game, why not let him do so? Public games is a really bad alternative imo.
  3. I had this on the old UI only. Changing to new UI fixed this. I will, in order to find out whether this bug still exists change back to old UI.
  4. Maybe you create a chat channel where everyone who wants to play those modes can join. Just call it "Fun" or "Fun mode". I'll join you once you do this
  5. I prefer Blitz Mode on Grimm's Crossing. But yeah I agree it would be amazing if the third "chill game mode"/map came back. The major issue is that the average HoN player just wants to play CoN and midwars mainly. Maybe 5% of the games they choose "chill game mode". Some would play that more, most player not at all. This results in higher Queue times there. In my opinion there could be a possible way to fix this. In the past Frostburn made it possible to play certain modes on weekends only such like PBT : " - PBT will return to the NAEU International Client for weekends only! " (patch notes archive) I think if an option like this comes back for the third game mode, only playable on weekends, people would consider playing it more as they only have one/two days to do so.
  6. You have to type " /gi " in chat and tell the server name here so the problem can be found
  7. For me they work fine again. Send the console. log on bug reports site if you want to help fixing it...
  8. Midwars works without any problems tho. It is CoN only
  9. Same here, happens on all accounts. It says "No response from Server"
  10. They changed it and give us 5xsilver coins for MM games now
  11. Elementuser announced the events started 70 minutes ago. So if you have bought the Gold Coins earlier that will be the reason. I am pretty sure the customer support will give you the name color.
  12. My friend had this issue yesterday. His reconnect button did not appear. He could reconnect because he had me on the friends list and could press "join game"
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