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  1. One leave is necessary. Even if an enemy has left. The message however pops up when two teammates leave. I think there is a purpose behind that not to leave ro early because 4v5 games can be won
  2. I couldnt dispell spiked bola on my spinning swiftblade teammate using sand. So that's why I ask. And how is it on Nullfire blade ?
  3. Oh wow. That's indeed true. Well then our only chance is to get a license from Garena allowing us to use HoN. It would be interesting to know how much money per month it takes to keep HoN servers online for the remaining players
  4. Revive the amazing game modes HoN has in the stash !! (namely Blitz Mode, Rift Wars, Devo Wars etc. ) At the moment all the modes are only available through public games so barely any1 plays them. They need a comeback to MM to make more people play it. The main issue is the Q time as people are taken away from FoC and MW by implementing these modes to MM. Here are 3 options on how to bring the modes back although only number 1. would fix the Q time issue sustainably. 1. I have made a long post as an idea how to fix the Q time issue some time ago, but EU said it is i
  5. #foreveralone ... as a spectator xD
  6. Yes, it is allowed to leave after one player gets terminated. The problem is the chat message stating that pops up after another player gets terminated and it is very rare that two people dc. So most people are not aware of the fact they are allowed to leave and so they stay in game. I don't know why the message doesn't appear earlier...
  7. This guy has been elaborating on a plot by the trolls to overthrow the forums.
  8. Would be amazing to have these game modes back in MM
  9. 70 km so I am the closest one to you in this thread yet ;D I'm from Hagen.
  10. No, you are able to tick multiple options. If you choose one only, then you are right. This will make the Q time the longest possible, but will have a 100% chance you get into the game mode you did choose (Rift Wars for example...) If you however tick all options, you agree to join any game mode. This will result in a very very short Q time (even shorter Q times than midwars games nowadays as I believe more people will play "fun mode" if this happens), however before joining the game you will have no clue which game mode has been chosen. In other words: The more game modes you tick, the low
  11. I had this on the old UI only. Changing to new UI fixed this. I will, in order to find out whether this bug still exists change back to old UI.
  12. Maybe you create a chat channel where everyone who wants to play those modes can join. Just call it "Fun" or "Fun mode". I'll join you once you do this ?
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