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    Its not only 150dmg, and its not the only effect and +the staff original effect that needs to be boosted a bit for the damage as i wrote at the begining the post. Staff effect : 880/1100/1320 to 900/1300/1700 damage , maybe its too much but sure need to be tested as its staff and you get it kinda later on the game while people got atleast a vestment / noms and sometimes idol. Double stun for staff is too insaine , magmus stun with pk is already great.
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    To sum things up, I agree with most of you. Maybe the right buff should only be the staff effect. Giving more damage is an option, Giving Steam Bath more damage sounds also cool idea because in the later of the game Steam Bath is really weak in term of damage, let's say 30/50/70/90 to 50/90/120/150. He is at 50% witch is fine and I agree that the aoe is good but the range of the stun lvl 1 is really short so it is balanced.
  3. Patch 4.9.2 - 30 Marth 2021 analyze | with GODISNOTDEAD Hello everybody, Me and GODISNOTDEAD try to analyze every patch that coming, Would like to share with you our mind on the patch that just hit today, feel free to add your feedback
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    I know most of the people think Magmus is really annoying and too strong but its not true, His damage is low the only good thing about the hero is his stun and that he can stun multi people, In my opinion he needs a bit of damage buffs as in the end game his ulti is not even killing the supports. For Q , Lava Surge : a bit of damage buff 100/160/220/280 to 140/180/250/300 damage Stun can be from 2.15 to 2.3 to make it easier to hit the ult but still with the target who is stunned able to cancel you with their stun as your ult is 2seconds of channel and after the stun you have 0.55 seconds
  5. Magmoose & Taurus - magmus avatars Brunhild - valk avatar All Announcers so everyone can get them self a new one Would also like if you guys bring the cool quests for Ascension as it was at 2016 and was never added again for some time, even the punk brought back twice, I think it's time for the Ascension to come back ! Thanks.
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