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  1. With the small difference that HoN left beta at one point
  2. Just a short anecdote from my game yesterday. I played with a friend of mine who's new at the game (less than 40 games played) and we faced a new account who just played his second game but had +40 MMR in that one so a smurf. Apart from that the teams seemed fair, new and experienced players on both sides though it was a +5.5 MMR game for us. However, one of their newer players randomed Nitro so I was 100% sure not to CC that game lol and we won in the end. Devourer disconnected btw. Their Legionnaire was also a smurf, maybe not a very good one but still. You can check out the game on thi
  3. Some remarks on the compatibility. I'm running Linux, but I can't get the native version to run anymore due to old libraries that I can't seem to install in Arch. I was able to do it on my old notebook, but nowadays I just use Wine with DXVK since I also get errors with some effects in the game with OpenGL. I can say that it runs almost flawlessly but I also encounter the moving items bug where the game lags when doing that the first time, same for some AoE spells. Have been playing like that for the past months and no additional issues, technical or ban.
  4. And here I was, playing the game for the game itself like a moron.

    New Heroes

    Pretty sure skins / alts are way easier than heroes; you can most likely just buy existing concepts, or just task any asian animation studio with it for a couple of grand. Hero design however needs understanding of the game, designers etc. plus new alts as well so that one is much harder to achieve nowadays.

    New Heroes

    Great detective work! They'll have no other choice but to fill those blanks with heroes! Looking forward to your next case! Maybe some empty slots in my wallet?
  7. I think this is due to network providers struggling with high network usage due to people staying home and using their internet more, not much FB can do about it
  8. I had a very pleasant helpdesk experience lately. 5/5 quick answer and everything was handled to my satisfaction. Thanks
  9. I appreciate the good vibes, I too hope HoN returns stronger after this mess, though I'm not sure it will result in more allocated resources. Still very happy to see work done.
  10. Nah man not following another player's item requests in Mid Wars is 100% troll, better IP ban all of LAT
  11. Here is some for a start! I know you did a great deal on the other forums.
  12. Is there a better way? Did you guys imply, like, going to his house?
  13. I'm trying to do exactly that here ?
  14. Up until recently, there was a lore-dedicated website hosted at lore.heroesofnewerth.com where you could download additional artwork, comics etc. but unfortunately, it's no longer working. I have a friend who's very interested in this kind of work (plus I'd like to get some wallpapers as well), is there any way to get those again? The fansite kit is old as well so it doesn't contain all that stuff. Would even love if someone could just zip all the stuff there is and dump it somewhere. Thanks in advance.
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