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  1. DesoZaKiddo

    CC 15

    I agree! what is the point of enjoying the game, winning a 4 game streak then straight loses in the end? after years of playing the only way to achieve fun, either win or lose, is to assume that every match up is a 1 vs 9. i recon this one match, as an example, years ago in which my team was 2 towers away from victory. my team mates doesnt want to end the game and prolong it further with no solid reason at all, brain dead they are. players on the other team were enjoying their last minute and waiting for their envitable end(they didnt cc). So furious i am, i sold the game to the other team
  2. The VFX of runes should not be hidden, not good for the game. Runes are for everyone and its a neutral object its not like a skill or anything other than a perk. Suggestion, Rather than using the electric shield everytime it deactivates, why not make toggleable. This will make elect farm more easy, depends on manapool, and we can see the depletion of mana during damage. Item Suggestion, Brutalizer New Components: Slayer Bolstering Armband Fortified Bracer Recipe New Item Effects: When off cooldown, stuns enemy for 1 seconds and deals damage. R
  3. @Donbran Based on your Possible Solutions mentioned, here let me tweaked it a bit so that the hero will be more FUN when used, less "FLINTY", less FRUSTRATION to play with or against. Current SOTM sucks btw and should be rework for good. Artillery heavily relies on his LRM, since the hero debut, and that is the way it should and will be. Q. LRM - Damage Reduction to creeps increase from 50% to 60% E. Special Ammunition (Reworked) - Port Precision Targeting Protocols, as its passive - Magic Damage of mini missiles reduce from 20/40/60/80 to 20/30/40/50 -Activate to
  4. yes, i have. Back then, red pots doesnt have a cd and acc spam skill 1 and use red pots when hp is low iirc, i believe it wont be a problem now. Given that your lane mate knows "how to..." acc isnt pain to play against....
  5. ofc, its a decent suggestion and the hero's stat gain should be calibrated accordingly otherwise op af..
  6. then, increase the cooldown of the skill by 3 seconds or change the magic damage to self to pure.
  7. YES, I would like Magebane to be rework if only you implement most of my suggestion in here, otherwise its a NO and would rather want the hero to be deleted in the hero selection because the hero is a spawning pool of toxic META and frustration. MB is now a STR hero Movement Speed change to 295 Q. Mana Combustion Auto-attacks passively burn the target's mana for an amount equal to 10/20/30/40 of target's Mana and deals 100% of mana burn from this passive as damage. Target a Unit and burn 100/150/200/250 of its mana and deal 50/75/100/125 magic damage. Mana Cost: 130 Cooldow
  8. In which, accurate prediction IMHO ,it will happen. Faster queues? YES!! Moar toxicity? Totally YES!!. We are impatient and HoN driven us to be, its a fast paced game, arent we? Play now, suffer later. It works on DOTA2 but not here in HoN. With limited resources and time, its a no-no. _____ I have a better idea! Force the players to do the objective of the game. Implement it as a some kind of Quest mode, for now. Decent Players will be greatly rewarded otherwise, suffer less while trolls, KD farmer, and manchildren will suffer dramaticaly. ex. Deal x amount of damage to Ene
  9. Remove the Mana Cost on Accursed's, @ElementUser, Cauterize and you will see a huge improvement on the hero. Satisfaction Guarantee!! Less Frustration
  10. Is Frostwolf Skull and Frostfield Plate the same? Yes they do, YIIIIS dei DUU!!! I Suggest that One Truely Slows the attack speed While the other slows movement speed ONLY. Frostwolf Skull new Passive Bonus - Slows the Movement speed by 30%, 20% to range when auto attacks Frostwolf Skull new Active Bonus - Frostwolf's Howl - sends a wave in a cone of 900 units deals magic damage and slows them by 60% tappering for 3 seconds and restrain them. slow is half on range heroes. same rule, items favor the melee over range. Frostfield Plate new passive Bonus - attack speed
  11. In my very biased Opinion, Patch discussion seems derailed to its objective and people are tired of saying same things, insanitarious, knowing that their comment bears no weight and be adhered no longer. as a Solo player, over the years I enjoy the game so much especially from the trolls/smurfs and earned to be an all rounder with off/anti meta strategy from them, I learned to adapt to things am not comfortable with. Before 4.0 i used more than 50 heroes and enjoy the hell out of them but now 10 heroes tops and 20 if I play with a friend and now lesser because of the nerfs to he
  12. Diamont I/II - single draft Legendray/Immortal - all random if, they stay true to their ranks and skills. then, a little deprive to All Pick won't bother them so, yes?
  13. git gud and do smart cast. Seriously, the game is becoming more casual. lmao!
  14. Why not change it to : Staff of the Master Cleansing Shock* Can now purge status effects and instant kill non-hero controlled units. (Brute Strength, Carnage, Stone hide, Shadow). for a large cost of course and doubles the cooldown. making the skill the strongest/broken anti buff skill in the game. Then, the auto ban the hero in all ranks and watch players lose their minds. lmao!
  15. Actually, I want to write, from stats down to FoC map, a lengthy suggestion. But I have to conisder the attention span of readers. [e.g Void talisman(Anti Physical) and Arcane Nullfier(Anti Magic) *practice mode only*] It is your opinion, I respect that. I suggest to double the stacks, as mentioned, because this will increase the pyro's chance to survive, especially in late game hard pvp skirmish. Killing the opponent in one combo is good and all, but what if it fails to do so?
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