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  1. I think the more you spam like that, the more you'll get ignored ?
  2. The event was scheduled to finish today, idk about the timezone difference tho
  3. This looks like a question for @MacroHard
  4. it's not that you got banned unfairly, it's that guy who got deemed as innocent unfairly ? (if what you say is true)
  5. Real question is why does post-game chat even exist... that never brings anything good anyways
  6. you need to first change your selected queue mode. Hit the PLAY button, switch to either Midwars of Ranked CoN then close the tab then create the group
  7. Wait isn't that a "free last hitting" tool? How is it disturbing you? It's like saying that nomad crit disturbs last hits o.O I don't get you ^^
  8. Probably because they had to remove some servers from TMM queue.
  9. If the files are misteriously gone, most likely your anti-malwares deleted them
  10. In my opinion soultrap should have a better build up (maybe with an ornament or ring of the teacher), allowing it to be slighly more useful as a teamfight-presence item but should start with 0 charges.
  11. A site hosted on an external platform that asks you to complete a survey... 101% scam
  12. In my opinion, the biggest issue of spell sunder is that DoT-damage still applies full HP regen negation debuff (-75% iirc). Correct me if i'm wrong. In case i'm right, I think dot damage should apply a lesser effect of that, exactly like the damage debuff.
  13. It fails to extract the "k2.dll.zip" file due to permission denied (program run without elevated access or some other reason). Go in the installation folder and try to delete that file manually (make sure you delete the "k2.dll.zip" file and not the "k2.dll" file otherwise you can't run the updater). Try updating again and see if the same problem exists
  14. Shall he also be able to make a coffee?
  15. What about making it retro-active with charge gain/loss affecting Kane only? If he wins duel, he gains a permanent charge. If he loses duel, he loses a charge (can't go negative ofc ? ) Once staffed, gains bonus attack damage proportional to the number of charges.
  16. You guys should delete the part where it says your login session info in the console.log file before uploading it (or make sure it's an expired one)
  17. He was not just an anti-invis hero tbh.. He was an anti-FoW hero which you had 0 counterplay against. Even smoked heroes gets detected by that spell, and having it continuously doing so was too strong
  18. Happens when you try to join game on the server EU202 (54.37 etc address). Probably it is still set in tournament mode? (I heard they did it to avoid DoS attacks)
  19. Force fresh accounts (not sub accounts bought with 2100 gold coins) to play 25 midwars before joining CoN mode. Easy ^^ Make a purchaseable perk for like 500 gold coins which will let you bypass that requirement. Ez money right? ?
  20. My 2 cents: Q is overall bad spell, only good thing is that you can orb-harass without aggroing creeps (like arachna). The shrapnels have a very small touch radius, making them not very consistent as a farming tool. W is a good spell E is veeeery veeeery bad spell, especially in lane. First level is like +15 move speed for 50 mana (if there are enemies around), literally no reason to level it over stats. R is good spell with farm, but as other have mentioned.. it's too easy to grief ? . If you really don't wanna add the sighting+reveal thing, then i'd say it should last at
  21. When i tried it, i was able to "stack" the reward notification up to twice, then it didn't work anymore. Anyways, the real silver income was only 1x. So my guess is it was just a notification bug. Did you guys double-check if you actually earned multiple x50 silvers?
  22. @bajor i think me and you know each other, if you know what i mean hahahah
  23. how would a new season make people start giving a f**k about stats?
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