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  1. Anyone else agree that Grinex in his current state is a little too strong? I understand he is supposed to shine as a suicide and that later on in the game you can counter him with a combination of well placed revs and baits but his laning potential seems slightly too strong atm. What do you guys think?
  2. Hey! Any reason why revelation wards doesn't show up as wards in the stats screen after a game ends?
  3. Nice videos full of the best plays and the worst music ?
  4. I agree. This would also give another incentive to pick up Fayde in special situations vs Ra/Arma/Pred etc and further differentiate him as an initiator vs Bubbles/Magmus. Need silence and restrain? Bubbles Need anti regen/healing? Fayde Need magic damage and splitpush potential? Magmus Need anti push vs summons? Behemoth
  5. This is an awesome suggestion. I just made a post regarding suggestions on Fayde sotm and something like this would be really original and cool.
  6. Greetings! Last couple of weeks I've been grinding Fayde non stop and I think the heroes skill set in it's current form is absolutely amazing and a lot of fun to play. The only item you really need is a portal key which opens up a lot of room for picking up an item such as SOTM (if we had an effect). Now I believe adding a staff effect on Faydes ulti is a very risky move since the ability is allready borderline overpowered. Therefore we are left with the option if boosting q,w or e (or a combination). One fun staff effect could be the activation of E upon using the other abilities, anothe
  7. Greetings! I'm a big fan of the mastery system, especially the old one but even the one still in place. I do however feel that some sort of reward should be attainable for progression past the rank of 100. Now im not suggesting it should be as frequent as below, but how about something for every 50 lvl, or for something like reach lvl 15 on 5/10/15 heroes. The absolute coolest thing would be to get an avatar of your choosing on the hero you maxed out but I realize that might be unrealistic . I really think a version of this idea would help in encouraging players to invest
  8. Would be so dope if in this limbo/twilight zone the game would put you in a game where there was no fog and attacking was disabled. "A moment of Peace on Newerth while we patch". Or Devowars, or Riftwars. Could create some sort of code that would put people in a random rotation of weird game modes and they had to figure out on the fly which one they were in. I assume you are understaffed and I realize this is more of an overstaffed type of activity, but still though Im gonna check back between Hearthstone arena runs ?
  9. Currently if you log into MM you get the message that your version of HON is not compatible with the newest version of MM (the new patch). However there is atm no patch to download. Possible to get an ETA? ? Just very excited.
  10. I have been playing HON since just before the game went F2P and have around 4000 games on my main (and a couple thousands on other accounts). I recently returned to Newerth mainly because the current COVID situation forced me (allowed me) to log out of real life. There were a couple of new heroes and for a while I didnt try any of them. But then eventually a bad timed bathroom break lead to me randoming Goldenveil. The first game I was just sitting in the treetops, confused. 25 games later Im 20-5 and all I wanna do is play Goldenveil. Ive been playing carries, initiators, suicides, endl
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