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  1. Tried the item a few times but still don't really know when/on what heroes this cloak shines. Was thinking heroes like Blacksmith, Devo or Monkey King to make use of the stun/debuff decrease, but the reduced damage output is so massive i just end up surviving but not really doing damage. Which heroes (or situations) benefits the most from this cloak? Thoughts?
  2. If you just search for "ursa" in the top right corner you will find all the threads.
  3. Damn @ElementUser. Thanks for being so quick to readjust based on community feedback (and statistics of course). I honestly can't remember a time when the communication and implementation regarding balance has been this direct and this fast. This never happened when HON had a bunch of people working on it. Love it.
  4. There's like 4 other threads answering this question
  5. Its an amazing item on Prophet, War Chief, Artesia, Jeraziah, Accursed, Skrap. Just to name a few. I feel like the item in its current state is really strong, kind of required. Lowering the price even further would just make it even more of an auto include in every build, thus making itembuilds less diverse. Sac stone imo is in a good place. Power supply at 540 is kinda expensive, but 960 more and you get a sac stone? Thats borderline overpowered. Lowering the price below 1500 would make it too strong like the old astrolabe.
  6. Too expensive? Ultimate orb is 2100 for +10 all stats. Sac stone is 1500 with a bunch of added bonuses. I think if anything its way too cheap. I buy it on almost every hero. The cost efficiency is just unmatched
  7. Love the Fayde changes. Been hoping for a SOTM for a while. This looks great!
  8. Im so happy to finally see my favorite hero Fayde get a staff effect. This is awesome!
  9. I might be off here, but your problem sounds very similar to a problem i used to have before. My solution involved changing your wireless card properties to only connect via 5ghz, as opposed to 2.4ghz. If your wifi and card are similar to mine its very possible you have a wireless card that will connect to whatever wifi it finds. By changing the properties on your wireless card to only connect via 5ghz you will be rid of these microlags. Here is a video that explains it step by step. Maybe it will help you same as me:
  10. Ive been playing a lot of WarChief lately and mad mage is a pretty decent pickup vs physical damage dealers. The minus magic armor tends to do work for early pubtrains. Also Shellshock seems like a decent hero to get mad mage on. Stacking that minus magic :)
  11. I really like the - magic armor aura on this item, it's a cool concept for heroes like Electrician. However as previously stated in this thread the item suffers from never really being the best item of choice at any given point. This used to be the problem before as well when it was competing with frostfield, however frostfield got nerfed kinda hard and I wonder if mad mage kept its original value and concept + the minus magic armor, would it then be viable?
  12. This new shadowblade seems utterly ridiculous. His scaling is insane but what really seems inappropriate is his presence in the lane from lvl 1. What do you guys think? Right now he seems to be either banned or instapicked. As more and more players pick up on his potential I reckon his performance will increase even more.
  13. Actually I love playing suicide as I find it both the hardest and the most rewarding. The fact that so few players can play this role well just adds to the rewarding feeling. Every matchup is different when you play suicide. Sometimes you can go boots and pull the wave on lvl 1, sometimes you have to hide in trees and get xp, sometimes you can get hatchet in sideshop and farm quite well, sometimes you can safely pull the medium camp and get good lanecontrol. Often times if im struggling my focus is to control the nearest rune every spawn and tell my mid player to go camp the other one, that wa
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