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  1. I'm trying to create a new account but seem unable to do some in game and on the forums. Please advise. Thanks!
  2. Didn't say useless. But tends to drop off the longer the game goes. Especially when the team has more AOE spells that clear creep waves easy.
  3. Hero falls off around 25 minutes though if Rax haven't been taken...
  4. Ophelia's win rate is roughly 55% according to the Learnatorium. Ophelia is definitely a strong hero, but it takes more skill to play her. Also, she tends to fall off after the 25 minute mark if you haven't pushed racks in. At that point, minions can be bursted down with ease and by late game the global heal isn't that great or impactful.
  5. Fair I guess the only way to find out is in game. Was the idea to tone the power level down instead of compensating by buffing other heroes/items to compensate in comparison to other heroes? Thanks.
  6. Dam seems everyone is getting a debuff. I have to say I think that Geo change is brutal. The primary reason to get the hero was to counter invis heroes and set up ganks. I wonder how useful/ picked up he will be now. I guess I will have to try out the new ability in game.
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